NiftyVille Property Will Blow Your Mind!

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By Craig Fulton
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Onessus has been teasing us with snippets of what you can do in their upcoming GTA style NiftyVille NFT game.

It will literally blow your mind!

Let's face it, outwith the occasional well-made P2E NFT battle card game, many blockchain games are very basic point and click 'adventures'. They can barely be called a game, rather more a crypto management sim, but Onessus titles are very different.

Onessus is putting the game in blockchain gaming. They have already shown what they are capable of with their excellent HodlGod battle royale NFT game, built on the unreal engine.

Now their upcoming title, NiftyVille, is shaping up to be something very special indeed. The open-world life simulator, powered by NFTs on the Etherium blockchain, is looking incredible.

Just take a look at the world map:

Now we have been told what to expect from owning real estate in the game, let's dive deeper into the property that NiftyVille has to offer.

Get on the property ladder

Property will be unique, scarce and in-demand so getting on the NFT property ladder as early as you can makes sense.

In fact, there are only 750 properties up for grabs.

For owning a NiftyVille property, you will receive a passive income in airdropped NFTs, NiftyCoins and you will be able to stake your property for VOID. This is play-to-earn after all!

Not going to use your property? Lease it out to a fellow Niftian and earn passive VOID as rent.

All property comes in different tiers, from 1 to 5. The lowest tiers will have the lowest yield returns, but they can be upgraded by hiring Niftians to renovate their property (yeh, you can set up a renovation business too!).

Let's take a look at the different property tiers:

There are many different property types in NiftyVille

Tier 1 - Low class residential or unlivable

These are your lower class properties such as small trailers, motel rooms and even unlivable burnt down houses!

They are ideal for getting your foot on the NiftyVille property ladder as the cheapest properties to own, with upgrade potential through renovating. You will receive some tool or other resource NFTs for owning this property type.

Tier 2 - Residential

This is your main residential property, such as homes, towns and apartments. You can show off your NFT collections as posters/paintings, host house parties and renovate to upgrade.

You will get more powerful resource NFTs from this property, which can be used to craft utility NFTs such as vehicles, guns and skins.

Tier 3 - Business

This is where the world of NiftyVille commerce begins. Own a car dealership, gun shop, hardware store and more. How about opening up your very own arcade?

Get some coin with your very own arcade

You can even own shops within the main NiftyVille shopping mall. Businesses are very valuable and will earn you high utility NFTs such as luxury cars as well as a strong passive income!

What business will you open?

Join the NiftyVille Discord group and discuss what business you plan to open!

Tier 4 - High Tier Business & Government

Owning an arcade is cool and all, but owning a police station, a hospital or even a bank! That's next level.

The very rare properties give you a high NFT yield than the previous three tiers, along with increased odds of receiving rare NFTs.

I'm just going to head down to Dunkin Donuts with my boys in blue.

NiftyVille will have clever AI NPC's such as police officers laying down the law

Tier 5 - Mayor

Not only do you get a beautiful mayoral home, but you also get some political influence. Becoming a mayor will see you on the City Council, having a say on world progression.

Of course, you also get huge NFT yields with a higher chance of high rarities and you can also be airdropped entire properties for free!

There will only be around 12 mayor roles, so you would need to be quick to get one when released.

Tier 6 - Governor

The governor property is at the top of the property food chain with the very best rewards.

You are also the head of NiftyVille, with the power to raise/lower tax rates, increase imports/exports, improve employment rates and lead Niftyians to a prosperous life.

The crème de la crème of all properties!

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