Ultraman NFTs - Win Rare Gold Metallic Figures & 42k WAX!

Ultraman NFTs - Win Rare Gold Metallic Figures & 42k WAX!

AtomicHub and Beast Kingdom have announced exciting new incentives to encourage participation in their latest Ultraman phygital NFT collection.

What & How Can I Win?

There are two prizes that have been announced: 1 of 20 rare gold metallic Ultraman figures and a whopping 42k in WAX prizes!

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Here's how you can win big with the Ultraman phygital NFT collection!

Ultra Rare Gold Figures

Each of the 8 Ultraman characters will now have an ultra-rare 1 of 20 gold metallic figure to collect.

That's a total of 160 gold metallic figures to be won!

A glam shot has yet to be released, but we are expecting this shortly. The current physical consists of a 4" PVC figure that sits on a cityscape stand, so imagine this in metallic gold:

The Mythic Tiga Ultraman

Open packs

80 of these gold figures will be given to the top pack openers. Opening a Standard Egg Pack will give you 1 point, whilst a Premium Egg Pack will give you 3 points.

Ultraman Standard & Premium Eggs

By opening more packs, you'll earn more points and climb up the leaderboard (which should be released later this week). The top 80 positions will receive a special gold Ultraman figure.

Hold character sets

The other way to win is to hold the most character sets. Each character set will give you 1 point, with the exception of Tiga, the Mythic rarity character, who will give you 3 points.

The top 80 character set holders will also win a gold metallic Ultraman.

It's easy to see what you need by heading over to the Beast Kingdom drop page and tapping Catalog:

Here you can easily see each set that you can complete, including the NFT(s) required for each:

Each completed set grants you a physical Ultraman figure from Beast Kingdom and 1 point towards the ultra-rare metallic gold figure (again with the exception of Tiga, who gives you 3 points).

Wax Prizes

There are also some amazing WAX prizes too!

The top five pack openers AND the top five character set holders win the following WAX prizes:

Position Prize ($WAXP)
1st 10,000
2nd 5,000
3rd 3,000
4th 2,000
5th 1,000

That's a grand total of 42k WAX given away to the winners!

Important Dates & Info

Competition End Date & Time (UTC)
Pack Opening March 22 at 12:00 UTC
Character Set Completion March 29 at 12:00 UTC

Great news for those who have already started their Ultraman phygital NFT collection! Any packs you've already opened and sets you've already completed will count towards these competitions. So if you got in early, you're already on your way to winning!

Winners are still responsible for shipping & handling fees. More information to follow, will update this article when it does.

How Can I Claim My Prize?

A leaderboard will be released later this week, making it easy to keep track of your position in the competition. If you end up in a winning spot by the end of the competition, you'll receive your prize directly in your WAX wallet.

If you're lucky enough to win one of the ultra-rare 1 of 20 gold metallic figures, you'll receive a generic redemption coin (it won't specify the character) on March 29th  and then you will then have 30 days to redeem.

When you redeem your token, a random gold figure Ultraman character will be packed with your order - it's a surprise until it's shipped and with you!

If you'd rather sell your gold figure token, you can do so on AtomicHub before the redemption deadline. And the best part? You can buy and redeem multiple gold figure tokens, with each gold figure sent completely at random. How neat is that?

If you haven't checked out the Ultraman NFT collection yet, it's definitely worth taking a second look. There are already some incredible redeemables up for grabs and now there is a chance to win holy grail gold metallic figures and WAX!

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