About Us

Welcome to Arodie, your ultimate gateway to the fascinating world of collectibles! Arodie is not just a name, it is a story, a passion, and a collector’s paradise that transcends boundaries between the digital and physical realms of the collectibles universe.

Our journey began in July 2021 with a keen interest in the groundbreaking realm of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). We found our footing in the world of TopShots and became fascinated with StreetFighter NFTs launching on the WAX blockchain. What intrigued us most was the transparency NFTs provided—visibility into the circulating volume, the ability to track which items had been burned (destroyed), and the thrill of hunting down the new mint #1.

The world of NFTs introduced us to various exciting projects like Topps MLB Series 1 and Funko NFTs, and that's when we realized our unique position to guide and support fellow collectors. We've been tirelessly crafting comprehensive guides and assisting even the most apprehensive collectors to lay their hands on the rarest physical Funkos, and more, since day one.

Our roots run deep in the world of collectibles. We started our collection journey decades ago with rare casino chips. The name "Arodie" is a homage to a casino chip mold, abbreviated from Arrow - Die, depicting arrows and die molded into the outer rim of the casino chip.

But we didn't stop there. Arodie has grown beyond being just an NFT guide to becoming a collector's hub for everything cool, crossing over into Pop Culture. We feature brands including but not limited to Funko, Hot Toys, Robosen, and Limited Run Games. From action figures to gaming, we have something for every collector’s taste and are constantly expanding our content to assist collectors in their quest to "Collect The Cool".

At Arodie, we don't see ourselves as just another website. We are a community, a reliable companion on your collecting journey. Our mission is to establish Arodie.com as the premier platform for collectibles news, trends, and guides, and we aspire to grow into the world's largest collectibles website.

So, whether you're a long-time collector, a newcomer, or simply curious about the world of collectibles, Arodie welcomes you with open arms. Together, let's traverse the exciting avenues of collecting, and let's find those hidden gems together.

Arodie - Collect The Cool

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