The Ultimate Guide to Iron Maiden Funko NFTs

The Ultimate Guide to Iron Maiden Funko NFTs

Collectibles powerhouse, Funko, is back for a third NFT offering, and this time they've teamed up with heavy metal legends, Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden Funko NFTs drop on September 30th, at 2PM EDT.

Once again, this Digital Pop! drop is being released on the WAX blockchain and features some pretty eye-catching cards to open and trade.

This time around, it's Iron Maiden's eternal mascot, Eddie, that's front and centre in this 'Brave New World' of NFTs, with various appearances available from throughout the band's extensive back catalogue.

So, if you've got a 'Burning Ambition' to find out all there is to know about this new collection from Funko, read on.

Physical redemptions are now closed for this Funko NFT set! Check out the latest Funko Popapalooza 2022 Pops!

1. Getting Started: WAX Cloud Wallet

First things first, before you do anything else, you'll need to make sure that you've got your WAX Cloud Wallet set up. This new collection from Funko is being released on the WAX blockchain, which means that you'll to have your wallet in place first to avoid being 'A Stranger in a Strange Land'.

We've created a complete guide that covers how to set up a WAX cloud wallet in 3 easy steps. Check it out now.

2. How to Buy Iron Maiden NFTs

Buying Direct

At launch, on September 30th, it was possible to queue up for a chance to purchase packs during the drop. Unfortunately, you had to 'Be Quick or Be Dead' - the retail offering sold out quickly and now packs can only be purchased on the secondary market.

Two packs are available to buy - a Standard ($9.99) and a Premium ($29.99) option.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price
Standard 18,000 5 $9.99
Premium 6,000 15 $29.99

During the drop itself, purchases were limited to $30 in total, meaning that should you have been fortunate enough to make it to the front of the queue you would have had the option of buying up to 3x Standard packs, or 1x Premium pack.

In order to make your purchase, you'll have needed to have your WAX wallet set up, and purchases made this way had to be made using a valid credit or debit card.

This is a limited release, with 18,000 Standard packs and 6,000 Premium packs being made available at launch. Those in the queue ahead of the 2pm EDT launch time were randomly placed in line once the drop went live.

Remember to sign up to to receive updates on future drops, and to get a chance to capitalise on launch prices.

Buying on the Secondary Market

If you missed your chance to get in at launch, or if you were unlucky enough to not make it to the front of the queue in time, don't shed the 'Tears of a Clown' - the secondary market is waiting.

For most collectors, secondary markets like AtomicHub are going to be the place you'll have more luck getting your hands on the cards you desire.

Here's where you can find the Iron Maiden Funko collection on AtomicHub.

We have a complete guide available which covers how to purchase NFTs on AtomicHub. Read on and let it get its 'Hooks in You'.

3. Iron Maiden Funko Collection & Rarities

Whether you pick a Standard or Premium pack, each contains a random selection of pre-minted cards.

The Iron Maiden Funko collection includes 44 eye-catching templates, plus an additional 6 unique, single-issue cards. Lovers of Iron Maiden's massive back catalogue will know that Eddie has graced every album cover, all the way from the original 'Iron Maiden' released back in 1980, and many of his different looks make an appearance here.

The set covers 6 different rarities, from Common through to the Grail varieties (of which there are naturally only 666 copies available).

Rarity % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
(18 templates)
51.33% 92,394 5133
(12 templates)
28% 50,400 4200
(8 templates)
14% 25,200 3150
(4 templates)
5.4% 9720 2430
(1 template)
0.9% 1620 1620 Includes Physical Redemption
(1 template)
0.37% 666 666 Includes Physical Redemption

The complete set comprises some of the best looking Funko NFTs released so far, but it will be the Legendary and Grail tiers that are most sought after - not just for their rarity, but also for the physical Funko Pop collectible they include.


Like the other Funko NFT drops, the latest Iron Maiden collection also includes 6, hyper-exclusive 1-of-1 cards.

Every pack opened will contain a set-specific Funko coin. A standard pack contains a single coin, while the Premium pack contains 3 (so the difference between a Premium pack and 3x Standard packs really comes to whether you want to open 15 cards at once, or if you want to perhaps open one pack and trade the others).

There is a chance, however, that instead of a coin you'll open one of these highly sought after Freddy Funko or Max TokenHead cards.

While these cards are not tied to the set mastery (more on that below), and don't include a physical collectible, they attract a lot of attention on the secondary marketplace and have in the past sold for thousands of dollars.

4. Claim a Rare Physical Iron Maiden Funko Collectible

Physical redemptions are now closed for this Funko NFT set!

Funko continues to forge ahead in the 'New Frontier' of the physical redemption space. Just like the previous two collections, the Iron Maiden Funko set includes several ways to get your hands on a pretty sweet looking Funko Pop! Vinyl collectible.

Each of the Standard and Premium packs include a chance to open a Legendary or Grail card. If you are fortunate enough to come across one of these, you'll not only be in rare company, you'll also be in line to get your hands on a physical collectible.

How to Redeem

If you unpack a Legendary or Grail card, you'll need to sit on it for a little while before you can redeem it for a physical collectible.

On 'Judgement Day', 120 days after launch (January 28th, 2022), if you own a Legendary or Grail tier card in your wallet, a special Redemption Coin will be deposited into your account.

This coin will need to be redeemed, or burned, in order to claim your physical collectible. Please note that once burned, the coin is gone for good (although the card itself will still remain in your collection).

It's also important to be aware that the Redemption Coin will be deposited into the account of the owner of the card (i.e. not the person who originally unpacked it) on the applicable date. If the card is sold on the secondary marketplace, only the person who has the card in their wallet when the Redemption Coins are deposited will receive one.

Once received, you'll have 30 days to redeem your Redemption Coin.

Legendary and Grail physical redemptions will be limited to just 1620 and 666 pieces respectively.

All redemption dates for all Funko NFT sets can be found here:

Funko NFT Redemption Dates
Here is everything you need to know about Funko NFT redemption dates for the physical rewards, including live, upcoming and closed redemptions!

Set Mastery

For those who manage to complete a set of every template from the Common through Epic rarities (42 in total), you'll also be in line to have a physical collectible 'Coming Home' with you.

These exclusive Freddy Funko Pop! collectibles are limited to 2430 pieces worldwide.

What's the Big Deal about Funko Pop!?

For years, Funko has been at the top of the collectible scene, leveraging hundreds, if not thousands, of different pop culture icons, brands, and licences to create countless bobble heads and vinyl statuettes.

A healthy collector's market has grown over the years, with some of the most sought-after designs selling for thousands of dollars. Funko's entry into the NFT space has given them another opportunity to add further, very limited, collectibles to their range, and it's highly likely that for those who choose to sell their Iron Maiden Funko collectibles, they'll be able to achieve a good return.

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