Swing into Action with Mezco Toys' New Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure

Pre-order the Mezco Toys' Miles Morales figure now, with shipping expected in January 2025.

Mezco Toys Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure

Mezco Toys has just swung out their latest marvel: the Miles Morales figure from Marvel Studio’s smash-hit, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

The figure stands at approximately 17cm tall and is built on the One:12 Collective body, which boasts over 28 points of articulation. You can easily pose Miles in his typical acrobatic, web-slinging stance. Each figure is hand-painted, a superb touch that will really make the figure pop in hand.

Miles comes dressed in his signature fitted bodysuit complete with the iconic spider insignia and detailed web pattern. The figure also comes packed with accessories, including swappable hands and four interchangeable head sculpts, from a battle-ready Spider-Man look or a more relaxed, unmasked Miles Morales.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but the unmasked sculpts expression seems slightly off to me. Maybe it's the blank stare, but it's still perfectly serviceable. Your opinion may differ, but the partially masked option is the one I would personally choose to rock.

Also included is a posable wired web line and multiple web-shooting options that attach to Miles' wrists, which makes the figure scream 'action'. Additionally, I love the Spider-Sense FX piece can be attached to Miles posing post to keep him tingling. The figure also comes with a comic book!

For displaying, the figure includes the One:12 Collective display base with a logo and an adjustable display post, so you can showcase Miles prominently and securely.

Mezco have offered a good package here, all for the reasonable price of $85. For that you get a highly articulated hand-painted figure, with plenty of accessories to mix up your display. It's a versatile, fun piece that's sure to be a hit with fans.

You can pre-order Mezco's Miles Morales figure now for only $85 at Entertainment Earth.

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