AtomicHub Launches New Collection Badge System

AtomicHub NFT collections now earn and showcase badges to whitelist projects and guide collectors' buying decisions.

AtomicHub Launches New Collection Badge System

AtomicHub has launched its new badge system for NFT collections, effectively replacing the prior whitelisted/verified approach.

The former system faced criticism due to its lack of transparency and consistency, as well as its restrictive nature, which hampered the full potential of NFT collections.

The newly introduced system addresses these issues by fostering an environment of transparency and ease, whilst empowering collectors to make more informed decisions.

Read on to delve into the details of this important change.

How will collections be verified?

All collections need to earn two basic badges: Content and Identity.

The Content badge will be granted when the owner can prove that the collection has no copyright infringements or prohibited content. The Identity badge will be granted after passing a KYC check, with a valid ID and proof of address.

How can I tell if a collection is verified?

Once the Identity and Content badges have been obtained, the collection will show a hexagon icon (rather than the previous tick symbol) and will show the collection on AtomicHub by default.

For example, if we take a look at our favourite Funko NFT tracker: Pop In Stock. He has a nice little collection of NFTs to help support the tracker. His collection has earned the Content & Identity badge and has been granted the hexagon icon.

This means that the collection will now be displayed on AtomicHub. For example, when you are browsing the marketplace, only the collections with badges will be shown by default.

This can be toggled off, but for security reasons, it's never recommended. Fake collections do exist, as we pointed out earlier this week (the collection has now been blacklisted):

What other badges can collections earn?

There are various badges a collection can earn beyond Identity and Content. These badges will help guide your purchase decision by giving you more insights into the collection.

Here are all the current badges available:

Badges Table
Badge Description
Content Prove that your collection and NFTs have no copyright concerns or prohibited content
Identity Pass a KYC check, with an officially-recognised ID and proof of address
Business An optional badge, requiring the collection to pass a KYB check
Collection Age Displays the age of the collection (>6 months, >1 year, >2 years)
Market Volume Displays the listed total market volume (>$100k, >$500k, >$1M)
Tree Lover Displays the CO2 offset via the collection (>5 tonnes, >25 tonnes, >50 tonnes)
NFT Holders Displays the no. of holders of that collection (>1K, >5K, >10K)
Creator’s Choice Given to winners of our Creator’s Choice votes (Gold, Platinum, Diamond)
Major Brand Given to collections that include, or have licensed NFTs from, recognised brands

Transition phase

Whilst AtomicHub transitions away from the previous system, they are given previous whitelisted collections 2 months to pass the new KYC process.

That's why you will see collections like Funko, without the Identity badge, whilst still earning the other badges and being verified with the hexagon.

Fewer restrictions

The new system also relaxes AtomicHub's restrictions on content that was previously banned. AI art will now be allowed with the rollout of a new AI label in the coming weeks for those NFTs that do contain AI art.

Stock Imagery will also now be allowed, as long as the collection has the required licences. Those with Identity and Content badges can also now offer Unlockable Content NFTs (think bonus content).

What do we think?

The introduction of the new system provides a clear and comprehensive set of requirements for projects aiming for whitelist status.

This not only gives collectors more detailed and pertinent information beyond the simplistic tick symbol of old but also broadens the scope of NFT projects. This includes welcoming more diverse content such as AI art, stock imagery, and unlockable content.

By reducing previous restrictions, we are facilitating a more inclusive and expansive NFT space, furthering the goal of making NFTs accessible, safe and beneficial to all.

For more information on AtomicHub badges, read more on the official AtomicHub blog.

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