The Ultimate Guide To Droppp Monsters PFP

The Ultimate Guide To Droppp Monsters PFP

Droppp, best known for Funko NFTs, is introducing unique one-of-a-kind NFT avatars for your droppp profile.

Droppp Monsters are launching on 6 December @ 11 am PST.

It's the first non-Funko-related drop and it's purely NFT-only event, meaning there are no redeemables here.

Let's tame these monsters for those new to PFP.

So what is a Droppp Monster PFP?

A droppp Monster is a special kind of NFT that, when owned and stored in your droppp wallet, you can use that NFT as your droppp profile picture.

PFP means Profile Picture or the lesser known Picture For Proof. Only the owner of the PFP NFT can use that NFT as their profile picture, adding a new layer of customisation.

Droppp has recently made your droppp wallet more readily shareable with easy-to-access share buttons. Now the profile picture adds a little character to that process.

Currently, there are only five default options that everyone can access to mix up your profile picture:

However, if you purchase a droppp Monster you can use that unique one-of-a-kind design instead. Pretty neat!

Here are a few examples of what these designs could look like:

It's important to note for those who are only involved in Funko NFTs that there are no redeemables here.

This is purely an NFT-only drop for use as your droppp wallet avatar.

Packs & Rarities

Instead of a pack, you will purchase a droppp Monster crate, each containing one NFT.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Monster Crate 10,000 1 $9.99 06/12/2022

There will be a total of 10k Monster crates priced at $9.99. That means there will be 10k one-of-a-kind droppp Monsters in circulation (if all are sold).

There is a purchase limit of 3 crates per customer.

In terms of rarity, each droppp Monster will be unique, but some will have rarer traits than others. A trait could be the eyes, mouth, clothing, accessories etc.

Some mouth designs, for example, could be very common and appear on 3k of the 10k droppp Monsters. That means 30% of all droppp Monsters could share the same mouth design (with a different mixture of other traits making each overall design unique).

But one mouth design may only appear on 100 droppp Monsters. That's only 1%, which means it's very rare.

Some traits may be common or even one-of-a-kind. They may not necessarily have a rarity label for them, such as 'epic', but that depends on how/if droppp will display rarity to us (some PFP projects rely on the community to calculate rarity).

When we find out more information on rarity, I will update this article.

Trade your Droppp Monster

If you like the droppp Monster you pull, then great, you can use it as your Droppp avatar. As long as your droppp Monster is in your droppp Wallet, it will show up as an option when you edit your avatar.

If you don't like it, just like any other NFT on WAX, you can trade on the AtomicHub. It's as easy as transferring your droppp Monster from your Droppp Wallet to your WAX wallet.

You can also purchase any droppp Monster that is being sold in the secondary market, transfer to your Droppp Wallet and then use it as your avatar.

Future Utility?

Many other PFP NFT projects have added utility to their NFTs. For example, a droppp Monster with a rare trait could be used as a whitelist for future Funko NFT drops. That would mean people who own that specific type of droppp Monster could guarantee access to a Funko NFT drop, avoiding the dreaded public queue.

However, no utility has been confirmed and Patrick (one of the main players at droppp/Tokenwave) has stated that he can't, as we know, divulge future plans (or even lack of plans).

So if you want a droppp Monster, go into this without any utility in mind and just think of it as a fun way to dress up your droppp profile.

What are your thoughts on droppp Monsters? Give us a tweet and let us know!

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