Quick Sellout of McFarlane Toys' Joker & Punchline 2-Pack

The rapid preorder sellout of McFarlane Toys' Joker & Punchline 2-pack underscores intense collector demand, emphasizing enthusiasm for expanding the lineup of McFarlane's female figures.

Quick Sellout of McFarlane Toys' Joker & Punchline 2-Pack

McFarlane Toys' recent release of the Joker & Punchline 2-pack at $39.99 quickly sold out in pre-orders, demonstrating significant collector interest.

Although now sold out on McFarlane Toys and Entertainment Earth websites, limited pre-orders have reappeared on Amazon for those still looking to purchase.

Product Overview

There's a lot to appreciate with the McFarlane Toys' Joker & Punchline 2-pack. Punchline, originally Alexis Kaye - a disillusioned college student - is transformed into a menacing character, complete with her own Joker ball and signature knife.

The Joker remains the quintessential agent of chaos, donned in his iconic purple suit and also equipped with a knife accessory. Both figures are impressively designed, though it's disappointing that Punchline's hand is permanently fixed with the Joker ball, limiting your display options. I would have preferred a single Punchline figure with more accessories, but overall the two-figure set is neat.

Features at a Glance

  • Detailed 7” scale figures with up to 22 moving parts for dynamic posing.
  • Accessories include knives and a themed Joker ball hand for Punchline
  • Each figure includes a base and a collectible art card with character art and biography.

Collector Insights

The quick sellout of this set underscores the growing demand for more female character options in McFarlane Toys' lineup, reminiscent of the earlier sellout success of the Starfire figure. Although Punchline is paired with the Joker, it is her presence that likely drives the sales. This trend demonstrates strong market interest in diversifying figures to better represent female characters.

For collectors who missed the initial release, checking Amazon for available pre-orders might be your best bet. Given the recent sellouts, if you spot any in stock, be sure to grab a pack as soon as you can.

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