McFarlane's Starfire Ignites Collector Demand for Diverse Female Figures!

Discover the bold and brilliant Starfire by McFarlane—igniting the call for more diverse DC heroines in your collection. Pre-orders take flight April 2nd.

McFarlane's Starfire Ignites Collector Demand for Diverse Female Figures!

McFarlane Toys has announced a preorder date of April 2nd for the upcoming Starfire (McFarlane Collector Edition #11) 7" scale figure, at select retailers.

Preorders for McFarlane Starfire are now open at Amazon and Entertainment Earth for only $29.99!

Fresh from the cosmic buzz of WonderCon, this figure blazes onto the scene, showcasing Starfire in her vibrant DC Rebirth attire. It’s a stellar response to fans' calls for a broader celebration of female characters in the DC Multiverse collection - beyond the familiar faces like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl (with even those short of variant figures). Starfire’s dazzling design does justice to the fiery alien princess, and she’s poised to be a hit with fans.

A good sale performance of Starfire would send a strong message: there’s a demand for the diverse and powerful women of DC to step into the spotlight. With this release, we’re hopeful that it's a success so McFarlane Toys will continue to explore the lesser-known heroines, giving us a rich tapestry of characters to collect. From Black Canary to Talia Al Ghul, there is so much potential for awesome female action figures.

So, let's rally behind Starfire! A strong show of support could pave the way for more unique and offbeat female figures to join our shelves. After all, it's the fans who fuel the future of collecting. If we don't buy them, Todd won't make them.

Pre-order your Starfire on April 2nd, and let's keep the female characters rolling off the McFarlane production line!

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