The Ultimate Guide to Funko Star Trek NFTs

The Ultimate Guide to Funko Star Trek NFTs

Funko is boldly going where... well, where they've already gone several times before, with a brand new collection based on Star Trek: The Original Series.

Star Trek Funko NFTs drop on November 30th, at 2pm ET.

Following a string of successful digital Pop! NFT collections, such as Iron Maiden and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this latest drop again focuses on what Funko does best - putting their collectible spin on an established entertainment license.

For their first step into the wide world of Trek, it was only logical that they would go back to where it all began: The Original Series. And it's already clear that Funko are going deep with this one, offering up their largest NFT collection so far, with characters and variants pulled from across the classic show's original 3 season run.

Want to find out more? Read on.

1. Getting Started: Droppp Wallet

As was to be expected, this latest drop will again be using the new Droppp platform for the sale, something which will undoubtedly be standard for all future collections.

In order to get started, you'll need to make sure you've signed up for a Dropp account.

It is possible to spend $4.99 on a custom wallet name, which is a great way of personalising your account (but entirely optional).

Tokenhead App

We'd also recommend taking the time to check out the TokenHead app (also owned by Funko). This is a great tool designed for viewing and sorting your NFTs.

We liked it so much, we even put together a full guide covering how to get the most from it.

The Ultimate Guide to the TokenHead App
New to the world of NFTs? Follow our ultimate guide to the TokenHead app to quickly search and browse your collection.

2. How to Buy Star Trek NFTs

Buying Direct

At launch, on November 30th, you'll be able to queue up for a chance to purchase packs direct during the drop. Quantities are limited, however, and as the queue is randomised once the drop goes live, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to get your hands on some before they sell out.

Two packs will be available to buy - a Standard ($9.99) and a Premium ($29.99) option.

Star Trek NFT Standard & Premium Packs
Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard 36,000 5 $9.99 30/11/2021
Premium 12,000 15 $29.99 30/11/2021

At 36,000 Standard packs, this will be the largest drop yet from Funko, and by a considerable distance.

Standard and Premium packs are functionally identical, with a Premium pack offering improved odds of pulling Legendary or Grail cards etc.

Buying on the Secondary Market

Despite the larger initial launch, it's still the case that most buyers will end up picking up packs on the secondary market.

You will likely pay a bit more to get your hands on a pack this way vs. managing to secure some during the drop itself. Prices across all of the Funko sets have remained relatively stable, although they do tend to spike quite considerably in the first few hours after the drop.

WAX Cloud Wallet

In order to purchase on the secondary market, you will need a WAX cloud wallet.

Droppp and WAX Cloud are two completely separate NFT wallets, but it is possible to transfer your Funko NFTs between them.

If you haven't done so already, follow our guide to setting up your WAX cloud wallet in 3 easy steps.


After the drop, Star Trek NFTs will be available to purchase on AtomicHub.

If you've never purchased any NFTs on the secondary market, check out our guide on how to purchase NFTs on AtomicHub.

Don't forget that you'll also need some WAXP coins in your wallet in order to purchase on the secondary market. We also have you covered on that front:

Where to Buy WAX
Unsure where to buy your WAXP crypto? Never fear - we’ve made it easy for new NFT fans to get started with our dedicated guides.

3. Star Trek Collection & Rarities

As we've already mentioned, this initial Star Trek offering from Funko goes back to where it all began - the Original Series.

Captain Kirk and his crew are boldly going in this eye-catching set, which from the already revealed artwork includes references to classic episodes such as 'Mirror, Mirror', and 'The Arena'. And with most of the set yet to be unveiled, it's likely that there will be even more callbacks for Trekkies to enjoy (my money is on at least one Tribble showing up).

Star Trek NFT Pack Odds

NFT Rarity Type No of Templates % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
Common 54 48.33% 173,988 3,222
Uncommon 32 27.68% 99,648 3,114
Rare 18 14% 50,400 2,800
Epic 12 8.07% 29,064 2,422
Legendary 3 1.64% 5,901 1,967
Grail 1 0.28% 999 999
1 of 1 6 0.008% 6 1
Series Coin 1 10% 4800 4800

Like the recent Halloween series, this Star Trek drop also changes up the Series coin concept, by limiting the coin to just 10% of packs (versus one being included in every pack - other than those which contained the hyper-rare 1-of-1 cards).

Mastery & Physical Redemption

Beaming down into the real world this time around are 5 physical collectables, only matched by the very first Funko NFT drop.

Like most other sets so far from Funko, each Grail and Legendary pull will entitle the lucky holder to a physical collectible once redemption tokens are distributed (120 days after the drop).

Hold the Legendary or Grail NFTs in your WAX Cloud or Droppp wallet and on March 20th 2022, you will receive a redemption coin which will be redeemable for 30 days for the physical Funko!

Commander Spock could be beaming down into your real-world collection if you snag the Grail!

All redemption dates for all Funko NFT sets can be found here:

Funko NFT Redemption Dates
Here is everything you need to know about Funko NFT redemption dates for the physical rewards, including live, upcoming and closed redemptions!

Royalty Collection

In keeping with the recent Halloween collection, set mastery is now known as the Royalty Collection.

In simple terms, if you collect one of each Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic variant from the set, you'll have completed the Royalty Collection and will also be eligible to receive an exclusive Funko collectible when redemption coins are distributed on March 30th, 2022.

This time it'll be harder than ever given the larger array of cards in each tier - with 116 Star Trek NFTs in total required. If you manage it, however, you'll be in line to receive a very nifty Freddy Funko complete with Starfleet uniform.

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