Exclusive McFarlane Toys Store 30th Anniversary Spawn Figure Released

Preorder your exclusive 30th anniversary Spawn figure now at the McFarlane Toys Store. Secure your piece for $69.99, with shipping set for June 2024.

Exclusive McFarlane Toys Store 30th Anniversary Spawn Figure Released

The latest exclusive from the McFarlane Toys Store is the Spawn posed figure, directly inspired by Todd McFarlane's celebrated Spawn comic series.

This static, 1:7th scaled posed figure looks really nice, with Spawn's long red cape flowing in the wind. It's based on the Spawn comic cover from issue #95, without the flames engulfing Spawn (which would have been cool).

Unlike articulated figures, this piece offers a fixed portrayal of Spawn, which is perfect for those who prefer a simple, set-and-forget display option. I tend to lean towards articulation, but a posed figure definitely excels in its own right.

Product Overview

Al Simmons, the figure’s alter ego, was a top-tier assassin before his murder led to a rebirth as a Hellspawn. Tasked by infernal powers, Spawn wrestles with decisions that could tip the balance between good and evil. This figure stands as a testament to those internal conflicts, cloaked in the iconic robes and intricate spiked armour that fans adore.

Notably, the figure includes a digital render of itself, a nod to McFarlane Toys' expanding digital collection initiative. These digital models, part of McFarlane Toys Digital, can be collected or traded, providing a flexible option for those who might lean towards the physical or digital sides of collecting.

Features at a Glance

  • Detailed static, posed 1:7th scale Spawn figure.
  • Exclusive digital model included
  • Collectible art card signed by Todd McFarlane
  • Figure packaged in McFarlane Toys' 30th Anniversary-themed box
  • Priced at $69.99 - shipping is expected in June 2024

Collector Insights

The inclusion of the digital model is particularly intriguing, highlighting McFarlane's dedication to merging traditional collectibles with modern digital trends. For fans intrigued by the potential of digital collectibles, this package truly offers the best of both worlds. You can explore the digital collectables scene without any additional expense and that's a win in my eyes.

If you're thinking about adding this Spawn figure to your collection, I believe you’ll be pleased with what’s included. It is on the pricier side, but the quality of the figure, Todd McFarlane's autograph, and the digital pack-in justify the cost.

You can preorder it now exclusively at the McFarlane Toys Store (non-affiliated link), with shipping expected in June 2024.

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