NiftyVille - Win The Chance To Get On The Whitelist (over $2300 Value)

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By Craig Fulton
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We previously told you that NiftyVille was a GTA style NFT game coming to Etherium (with some ETH-WAX bridge magic).

An awesomely ambitious game deserves an awesome whitelist! That's exactly what NiftyVille delivered.

It was not only an early-access perk to purchase exotic cars to be used in-game, but the whitelist NFT VIP pass is also stakable on (to earn VOID tokens).

But that's not all, as it was recently revealed that they were upgrading the whitelist and giving whitelist holders 3 free exotic cars out of the 6 available!

It was so awesome in fact that all 100 whitelist VIP passes sold out for 10 million VOID tokens each (over 7k WAX or $2380).

Damn, if only they weren't sold out we could have got a piece of that action.

But wait, there is still some hope. Niftyville creators Onessus are giving you the chance to win one of 10 whitelist passes!


How can I win a whitelist pass?

It's really simple to be on the list for a chance to win. You just need to qualify for the Founder's Discord Role (which will give you chances for future drops too).

Here is how you do it:

Join Discord

First off, you have to join the NiftyVille Discord server:

Join the NiftyVille Discord Server!
Welcome to Niftyville | 1,273 members


The next requirement is to have at least 50 Twitter followers.

If you have at least 50 followers, send two tweets about what you are most excited about in Niftyville and tag Niftyville in the tweets.

It's not required, but try and add the tags #NFT and #Gaming


Next, just invite 7 of your friends to the NiftyVille discord server.

Just remember to set invites to never expire:

  • To do this click the drop-down arrow at the top left
  • Then click invite people Next you will see EDIT INVITE LINK
  • Set Expire After to Never


Once you have done all of the above, head over to the #founder-request channel in the NiftyVille discord server and type /Invites (and hit enter), then copy and paste the links to your two tweets and write down your Twitter @handle.

If everything is good, you will be given the Founders Role on Discord and entered into the draw.

You never know, it may just lead to you getting the keys to your very own exotic NiftyVille car!

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