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By Craig Fulton
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Ok, I get it. A game that doesn't officially launch until Q2 2022 can feel like an eternity in the NFT/Crypto space. Let's be honest, patience is an often overlooked life skill in a market that's drunk on instant gratification.

The long development cycle of DeepMine can certainly raise a few eyebrows and questions; Who wants to tie up their funds in frozen assets? Where will NFT market be five months from now anyway? My money would be better spent on the now. Right?

I also asked myself those questions, yet here I am with two complete legendary equipment sets (working towards a third) and a proud active member of the DeepMine community (which rocks!).

So how did I get here?

What is DeepMine?

DeepMine is a play-to-earn NFT game on the WAX blockchain. Humans, inhabiting the fragile planet Eleazar in a dying galaxy, are in a race to construct a portal to a parallel world or face extinction.

Constructing the portal requires huge energy reserves and the only way to claim this scarce resource is to penetrate Eleazar's core. That's where you, the player, comes in. Equipped with specialized NFTs, you will embark on a mission to construct the portal and secure humanity's future!

Ok, that sounds awesome! But let's strip away humanities fight for survival and look at the core mechanics. At the most basic level, you will use DeepMine NFTs to earn DeepMine Tokens.

So how is that different from the multitude of play-to-earn NFT games launching on WAX right now?

DeepMine Roles & Collaboration

'Interoperability' is a fancy word often used to describe crypto projects that are designed to work cross-chain. DeepMine's interoperability is defined through its unique NFTs and player roles working together to achieve the desired outcome.

An Area NFT (a plot of land on planet Elzear) is useless on its own. It needs a Mine NFT and a series of Equipment NFTs to become the powerful game piece it's designed to be.

If one player owns an Area NFT, they can rent space for Mine NFT owners to set up shop, adopting the landlord role.

Roles are varied and also include engineer, scientist, geologist, factory owner and even a political party leader! Every one of them has value to offer within the DeepMine economy, powered by NFTs and the players who own them.

If you are like me, who currently only owns Equipment NFTs, I can become a contractor to be hired by a Mine NFT owner to collaboratively work in their mine (I better get my sleeves rolled up!).

As a player, you can only have one active Area NFT, Mine NFT and one full set of Equipment NFTs (five in a set). You can rent out your spares to other players, but the idea is that you will NEED to work with other players to maximise your mining yields.

Players will earn DMP & DME with impressive utility planned

DeepMine actively encourages player cooperation and interaction, through these unique roles, with community governance playing a vital role. Players will overcome obstacles together, strike trade/political partnerships and be rewarded for helping those less advanced in-game.

Sounds amazing!

Why get involved now?

It's no secret that being involved early in NFT projects can give you a huge early advantage. DeepMine is no different.

The Staking Shelter

We recently covered the announcement that DeepMine will soon be releasing The Staking Shelter, due to drop before the end of the year.

This means that very shortly your funds won't be frozen in assets whilst the game is being developed.

When The Staking Shelter drops, you will be able to stake all your DeepMine NFTs (excluding packs) and earn DeepMine Power (DMP) in return.

In the short term, DMP can be exchanged for other DeepMine NFTs through the upcoming DMP only auctions (including the powerful Area NFTs). DMP can also be saved for use in-game, including upgrades/crafting, political votes and more.

It's a great chance to either grab new DeepMine NFTs from your earned DMP, or save up your DMP stores for use when the game drops, giving you a huge headstart.

It's also a great opportunity to get in pre-utility before any potential secondary market price-hike, which we already experienced when the staking announcement was made.

Pack Perks

Three packs were launched to those lucky to get on the whitelist:

Pack Type Total Packs Total NFTs Launch Price Current Lowest Price
Genesis Area Pack 500 2 $499 6,175 WAX ($5,005)
Genesis Equipment Pack 2500 20(+2) $99 495 WAX ($401)
Launch Equipment Pack 5000 20(+1) $20 95 WAX ($77)

I've already written about secondary pack prices and what I believe to be the star buy. That was 13 days ago and since then the Area Pack has risen by 32%.

The Genesis & launch packs have remained around the same, although the Genesis Equipment pack rose above $500 before coming back down.

The Area Pack is a one-time drop (future Area NFT sales are auction only) with a chance to unpack a higher rarity (with one legendary DME Spring still to find). It also comes with a Mine Sticker, redeemable for one legendary Mine NFT (which will be high-value as a central piece to the game).

The Genesis Equipment Pack has 3 X better odds of pulling higher rarities than future equivalent packs. These future packs will retail at $300 and will likely have higher secondary market prices than we see now. For around $400 at current market prices, the Genesis box is a steal, not even considering that you can also unpack a common Area NFT & Mine NFT as a bonus!

The Launch Equipment Pack is great if you are on a budget and want to dip your toes into DeepMine, and although there is a 65% chance of pulling commons, you do also get a 1% chance of pulling a Mine NFT.

Zero Cost Blending

The other huge perk of getting in early is zero cost blending upgrades on Equipment NFTs. Match any 3 rarities of the same equipment tool and you can blend to 1 x the higher rarity of that tool.

For example, if you blend 3 X common DME Wire, you would receive 3 X uncommon DME Wire.

Just head over to here to start blending:

AtomicHub - Create, sell or collect digital items secured with blockchain
AtomicHub is a one stop solution for creating, trading and buying / selling NFTs that is already used by hundreds of thousands of loyal users. Its features include an Explorer, a Marketplace, a Trading interface and an NFT Creator.

This is a massive advantage as it makes building a legendary set so much easier. In future, there will be a blending upgrade cost and the process can fail, potentially resulting in you losing some of your blendable NFTs.

Pair this benefit with the pack perks and you have a really strong basis for building legendary sets early before the game starts.

It's easy to forget that legendary Equipment, Mines and Area NFTs won't be the norm for the majority of players in DeepMine, so grab them now whilst they are easy to come by.

Getting involved early just makes sense to me.

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