McFarlane Shazam & Freddy Freeman Gold Label 2-Pack Now Available on Amazon

Add some superhero flair to your collection with the new McFarlane Shazam & Freddy Freeman Gold Label 2-pack, available exclusively on Amazon for $39.99

McFarlane Shazam & Freddy Freeman Gold Label 2-Pack Now Available on Amazon

Unleash the power of Shazam in your collection with this dynamic duo of figures inspired by the blockbuster film Shazam: Fury of the Gods.

Let's dive into this latest DC Multiverse release from McFarlane Toys.

Product Overview

These detailed 7” scale figures come from the revered DC Multiverse line and feature Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts.

The set includes Shazam and his ally Freddy Freeman, both equipped with various accessories like interchangeable hands, a wizard's staff, and the cunning Mr. Mind slug. The set's environmental base enhances any display setup. It's a nice inclusion that will really pop on your shelf.

Billy Batson’s transformation into the adult superhero Shazam is a central theme of this 2-pack, complete with battle damage, symbolizing his journey from a lonely orphan to a powerful protector of Earth. Accompanying him is Freddy Freeman, his trusted ally, each figure embodying their characters as seen in the theatrical release.

Two collectible art cards are also included in the pack. Each card features stunning character art on the front and a detailed biography on the back.

Features at a Glance

  • Two detailed, articulated figures
  • Accessories include 6 interchangeable hands, wizard's staff, and Mr. Mind slug
  • Environmental display base for dynamic posing
  • Two collectible art cards with character artwork and biographies
  • Available exclusively on Amazon
  • Priced at $39.99

Collector Insights

The inclusion of Freddy Freeman alongside Shazam in this pack is a nice touch. Two figures for $39.99 represent decent value with what’s included here. Still, it’s likely to see a price reduction over time, so if you're on the fence, waiting for a sale is probably your best bet.

If you do want it now, secure this exclusive pack for your collection today, available only on Amazon, and ensure you add two pieces of Shazam to your collection.

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