Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts: 105 Autobot Mirage Pre-Orders Live

Due for release in December, secure your Transformers Series Rise of the Beasts 105 Autobot Mirage for only $24.99.

Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts: 105 Autobot Mirage Pre-Orders Live

Ready to inject some autobotic awesomeness into your collection? The seriously cool Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Studio Series 105 Autobot Mirage action figure is now ready to pre-order!

Inspired by the action-packed saga, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, this figure is set to transform your collection. Secure your figure today and be ready to roll out with Mirage on release this December.

Don't forget, you can read our ultimate guide to Transformers Studio Series if you are new to the toy line!

Transformers Studio Series 105 Autobot Mirage - $24.99

Pre-order and secure your Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts 105 Autobot Mirage figure from Entertainment Earth. Due to be released from December.


In the UK? You can pre-order here for £24.99.

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Check Out Those Moves

Standing at a neat 4.5 inches, the Autobot Mirage might not be the tallest guy in your collection, but boy, can he move! Loaded with some fantastic articulation, this figure has got all the right moves to recreate the epic scenes from Rise of the Beasts. Plus, the detailed deco and design are so on-point, you'll feel like you've got a mini movie star in your hands.

If you've got some extra cash to splash and you're looking to add some real Transformer bots to your collection, definitely check out Robosen's Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts and Bumblebee G1. They're set to take your collection to a whole new level!

Ready to Transform?

What's a Transformers figure without the signature transformation, right? This Mirage action figure flips from robot to slick Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.8 in 25 detailed steps.

Porsche produced only 55 units of this historic model, underscoring its exclusivity. To avoid risking any damage to these irreplaceable originals, filmmakers wisely used replica picture cars for the movie. The car itself is an undeniable classic, and Hasbro brings you a step closer to this beauty, albeit in its exciting, transformer state.

Comes with Goodies

The Mirage figure doesn't come alone. It's packing an arm cannon accessory that you can attach in both modes. Now, if that's not preparing for a Decepticon attack, we don't know what is!

We're loving the removable backdrop that comes with this figure. It's a snapshot of the New York City Getaway scene, and it makes for the perfect stage to display your figure.

Our Two Cents

If you ask us, the Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Studio Series 105 Autobot Mirage action figure is all kinds of cool. Who doesn't want a transforming classic Porche 911 Carrera RS 3.8!

The hands-on fun of Transformers is seriously hard to beat, and snagging this figure would be a solid win for your collection.

Pre-order today from Entertainment Earth for only $24.99.

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