Reimagining Iconic Toys: The Robosen Bumblebee G1 is Here to Transform Your Collection

Robosen Bumblebee G1 Performance is now available to order for $399 (£449/€499).

Reimagining Iconic Toys: The Robosen Bumblebee G1 is Here to Transform Your Collection

Inspired by the classic Autobot scout, Robosen recreates the magic of Transformers G1 with their latest creation - the new Bumblebee G1 Performance. This tech-savvy marvel brings the charm of the friendly, ever-so-loyal Bumblebee from the original 1984 TV series to life.

The Iconic Yellow Beetle with a Robotic Twist

Echoing the beloved G1 Bumblebee, this modern marvel is an ingenious blend of nostalgia and the latest robotics. As a nod to the original Mini Vehicle toy line, the model showcases Bumblebee's iconic yellow Volkswagen Beetle design. With animated eyes, footlights, full motion, and even the familiar transformation sound from the original series, it's like having your own piece of Cybertron at home.

Under the Hood: Advanced Engineering

Underneath Bumblebee's shiny, yellow exterior lies sophisticated technology. With 45 custom-engineered microchips and 17 high-precision servo motors, you can manually program Bumblebee to reenact epic battles from the classic Autobot vs Decepticon showdowns, or even strike a dance move or two!

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Call Him by His Name: Voice-Activated Bumblebee

Just like the animated series, your new Bumblebee can spring into action at the sound of your voice. With 20 different voice commands, Bumblebee responds to you while playing 69 original sound bytes from the G1 animation, making your interaction as authentic as hanging out with Bumblebee on the Ark.

Bumblebee's Smooth Gait

Robosen's enhanced adaptive gait algorithm gives Bumblebee a natural stride, just like his nimble movements in the TV series. With two adjustable walking speeds, you can recreate his steady patrol around Autobot Headquarters or his rapid scramble during a Decepticon attack.

Not Your Average Beetle: Bumblebee's Acrobatics

Bumblebee has always been agile, even by Autobot standards. With his built-in 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), he can strike high-difficulty poses.

Whether it's executing a swift sidekick or making an impressive single-leg squat, Bumblebee shows off his agility. And just as he always gets back on his wheels in the TV series, Bumblebee can pick himself up automatically if he falls.

Interactive Storytelling: Your Own Mini 'Autobot Theatre'

If you're a lucky owner of Robosen's other Transformers, like the flagship Optimus Prime or the much-awaited Optimus Prime Rise Of The Beasts, you can reenact memorable scenes from the G1 series or create your own adventures in a 'mini theatre' mode. Watch as Bumblebee and Optimus Prime interact, honouring their special bond from the classic series.

Availability and Pricing

The Robosen Bumblebee G1 Performance is now available at $399 in the USA, £449 in the UK, and €499 in Europe, purchasable directly from the respective Robosen stores.

What's In The Box?

Your Robosen Bumblebee G1 Performance package includes 1 Bumblebee Robot, 1 Blaster, 1 Data Cable, 1 Power Adapter, and 1 manual.

So, gear up and get ready for an exciting journey back to the Transformers' golden era with a robotic twist!

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