Robosen Optimus Prime Rise Of The Beasts Pre-Sale Now Live

The Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts Limited Edition is now available for a time-limited offer of $699.

Robosen Optimus Prime Rise Of The Beasts Pre-Sale Now Live

Robosen is continuing its collaborative robotic toy line with another release of Optimus Prime. This time it's Optimus Prime Rise Of The Beasts Signature Series.

Robosen Optimus Prime Rise Of The Beasts Signature Series (Limited Edition) is available now to pre-order.

You can pre-order the limited edition version at the presale price of $699 (RRP $899). This limited edition version won't be available again (more on what's included further down) and the sale will stop when sold out.

What's New?

This model is a lot different from the previous Flagship Optimus Prime that wowed fans with its auto-converting magic. The new Rise Of The Beasts Optimus doesn't convert, but it does pack a lot more detail into the figure and is more shelf friendly than its predecessor.

It's a similar approach to the Robosen Buzz Lightyear that we reported on last year, albeit that robot has experienced delays so we are yet to see it in action. Like Buzz, Rise Of The Beasts Optimus has a lot more emphasis on details, such as mechanical detailing, high-quality paint finish and an array of weaponry.

Of course, when you buy a Robosen product, it's really all about robotics. The new Optimus has 21 high-precision servo motors, 69 custom-engineered microchips and over 40 motion mechanisms. All of these come together to bring Optimus to life, complete with voice commands (The legendary Peter Cullen is back to voice Optimus) and custom programming options.

The Action Center app allows you to control each servo motor, meaning you can create any action you want your Optimus to perform. You can also select from a pre-defined move list that is continually updated by the Robosen team, even your custom creations could be selected to be a permanent move set on the app for others to use.

What's In The Box?

The limited edition package comes with a serialized commemorative coin, stand, various interchangeable hands, Illuminating Ion Blaster, Energon Axe and Energon Swords. The figure also comes with a battle-damaged finish and a collectors package design, which all look fantastic.

A criticism of the previous Flagship Optimus model was the inability to really display on the shelf. The new Rise Of The Beasts Optimus will come with an included stand. This means he can be presented in all his glory, whilst also giving him more move sets that he wouldn't be able to do on his own two feet (such as a running animation).

Overall it's another top piece and collaboration from Robosen. The only downside for fans is the steep price, but at the very least the Limited Edition pre-sale price packs a lot more value for those who do have the means to buy.

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