Tiny Titans Clash: The New McFarlane Transformers Page Punchers Arrive!

Preorders are now open for the McFarlane Transformers Page Punchers action figures, featuring beloved characters at only $16.99 each. Shipping is expected in April 2024.

Tiny Titans Clash: The New McFarlane Transformers Page Punchers Arrive!

The McFarlane Toys universe has just expanded with the Transformers Page Punchers. These pint-sized powerhouses stand at 3 inches tall but pack a punch, each containing two figures and two comic books, with two twin packs to collect.

Both can be preordered now from Entertainment Earth for only $16.99 each. Shipping is expected in April 2024.

Bumblebee and Wheeljack come in one twin-pack and Optimus Prime and Megatron in the other. The figures come with 6 points of articulation, though it would have been nice to have elbow and knee movement for more posing opportunities.

Each twin-pack comes packaged in a clamshell blister and includes two English-only comic books, plus a comic book display stand. I wish the comic books were new and exclusive to these figures, instead of the reprints that are featured. Still, for $16.99 each, these are good value, with the combination of figures and comic art / stand ready to be displayed.

And for those who fancy not just a pair but a small army, Entertainment Earth does offer a case of six, with three of each character's twin pack included for $101.99.

The release is part of the exciting new collaboration between Hasbro and McFarlane Toys, promising to bring more iconic characters from franchises like Power Rangers and Dungeons and Dragons to the McFarlane Toys lineup. Transformers are the first of these new releases, alongside McFarlane GI Joe Page Punchers.

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Although I would like to see more articulation, these are a nice ready-to-display set, especially great for casual collectors who aren't too fussed about creating dynamic poses or actual transformation. The value in collectibles isn't just in the details or the posability, but in the joy and nostalgia they bring to our shelves.

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