First Ever Hot Wheels Transformer Sells Out in Under 30 Minutes

The first-ever Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime sold out preorders in under 30 minutes! secured one for an in-depth review coming in late June.

First Ever Hot Wheels Transformer Sells Out in Under 30 Minutes

In an electrifying merge of two iconic fandoms, Hot Wheels and Transformers fans have shown their overwhelming excitement as the first ever Hot Wheels Transformer, Optimus Prime, sold out all preorders in under 30 minutes!

Mattel knew this would sell, even with the premium window sticker slapped on Optimus Prime's cab, and the fans certainly lapped it up despite the cost.

The Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime is a stunning homage to the Autobot leader’s Generation 1 appearance. This meticulously crafted die-cast version seamlessly transforms from a heavy-duty truck cab into a towering robot, ready to defend the universe from the Decepticons. Collectors will appreciate the intricate details, from attachable hands and an ion blaster to the Spectraflame red and blue body colour that pays tribute to Optimus Prime’s classic look.

It's all captured beautifully in Hot Wheels 1:64 scale. The ZAMAC die-cast body, custom Real Riders wheels, and die-cast chassis offer a premium feel that begins to justify the hefty $80 (£78/€91) price tag.

Sure, it isn’t cheap, but come on, it’s Optimus Prime and a debut for Transformers in the Hot Wheels lineup! was lucky enough to grab one. We’ll be diving into all the details when it arrives in late June, so stay tuned for more on this epic addition to the Hot Wheels and Transformers collections.

For more information on Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime, visit Mattel Creations:

Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime
Two of the biggest fandoms have come together for the first time with the Hot Wheels Transformers Optimus Prime.

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