Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts: 106 Optimus Primal Pre-Orders Live

Due for release in December, secure your Transformers Series Rise of the Beasts 106 Optimus Primal for only $54.99.

Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts: 106 Optimus Primal Pre-Orders Live

Get ready to welcome the Transformers Studio Series Leader Class Optimus Primal action figure into your collection. Pre-orders are now live!

If there was one major criticism of the latest instalment in the Transformers saga, it was the limited screen time allotted to the MAXIMALS. Now, however, you have the opportunity to spend as much time as you desire with the leader of the MAXIMALS, Optimus Primal, right in the comfort of your own home.

Transformers Studio Series 106 Optimus Primal - $54.99

Pre-order and secure your Transformers Studio Series Rise Of The Beasts 106 Optimus Primal action figure direct from Amazon. Due to be released this December.


In the UK? You can pre-order here for £55.99.

Take a look at the Transformers Studio Series 105 Autobot Mirage, which transforms from an iconic Porsche 911 into a classic Autobot!

The Leader Has Arrived

Standing tall at an impressive 8.5 inches, Optimus Primal is ready to lead your collection. This action figure's fantastic articulation and attention to detail truly reflect Optimus Primal as seen on the big screen.

With its two iconic modes, you can transform Optimus Primal from robot to gorilla in 34 detailed steps.

Geared for Adventure

Optimus Primal doesn't come unarmed. The figure comes equipped with 2 scimitars, 2 chain pieces, an axe, and a Transwarp Key. These accessories attach in both modes, providing endless opportunities for displaying your figure.

Like all figures in the Studio Series, Optimus Primal comes with a removable backdrop. This one features the Peruvian Jungle Discovery scene, setting the stage for your figure and sparking your imagination.

Our Take

While my preference leans towards the Autobots, with their vehicle transformations feeling more natural to me, there's an undeniable appeal in this new offering.

The Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Studio Series 106 Optimus Primal action figure, with its distinctive gorilla transformation, brings a refreshing twist. It would undeniably make a great addition to any Transformers collection.

Pre-order today from Amazon for just $54.99. The action figure is slated for release in December 2023.

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