McFarlane Toys Unveils New Target Exclusives

McFarlane Toys Target exclusives are now available to preorder, with shipping expected in late November 2023.

McFarlane Toys Unveils New Target Exclusives

McFarlane Toys has unveiled three new action figures, exclusively available at Target. Let's delve into the details of these new releases.

Alfred Pennyworth from Batman: The Animated Series

This figure is a tribute to the most loyal friend and confidant of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I love the animated series designs and this is another great addition.

Alfred, with his rich background as a former British intelligence officer, field medic, and trained Shakespearean actor, has always been more than just a butler. This 6-inch scale figure, based on Batman: The Animated Series, brings Alfred to life with impeccable detail.

Collectors will appreciate the range of accessories, including a feather duster, teapot, serving tray, and more. Each figure also comes with a collectable art card, featuring character art on the front and a character biography on the back.

Price & Preorder: Preorder now exclusively at Target for only $19.99.

Midnighter (DC Classic) Gold Label

Step into the darker side of heroism with the Midnighter action figure from the DC Multiverse Gold Label Series. Midnighter, known for his violent impulses channelled towards justice, has been a beacon in the world of vigilantes.

After receiving cybernetic enhancements, his journey as a vigilante began, leading him to join Stormwatch—a team dedicated to Earth's protection. This 7-inch scale figure showcases Midnighter as featured in DC comics, designed with ultra articulation for a full range of posing.

The figure is accompanied by extra hands, two batons, and a display base. As with all McFarlane Toys, collectors will receive a collectible art card that delves deeper into the character's story.

Price & Preorder: Preorder now exclusively at Target for only $19.99.

Waverider (DC Classic) Gold Label

Travel through time with the Waverider action figure, another stellar release from the DC Multiverse Gold Label Series. Originating from the Convergence event, an aged Booster Gold transformed into the new Waverider.

With the power to surf the timestream, Waverider possesses the unique ability to uncover past secrets and foresee future events. This 7-inch scale figure, based on the DC Multiverse, is intricately designed to capture Waverider's likeness.

The figure boasts ultra articulation, ensuring collectors can pose him in various dynamic ways. Alongside the figure, the package includes extra hands and energy effects that bring Waverider's powers to life. Each figure is complemented with a collectible art card, offering insights into the character's multiverse journey.

Price & Preorder: Preorder now exclusively at Target for only $19.99.

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