Hot Toys Reveals Supergirl Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys first-ever Supergirl sixth scale figure has been revealed and will be ready for pre-order soon!

Hot Toys Reveals Supergirl Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys has revealed the highly anticipated Supergirl sixth scale figure, inspired by The Flash movie.

Keep a look out on for pre-order details.

From the images we can see that she will come with a wired cape, textured suit, rolling eyeballs, replacement hands, and the excellent LED light-up figure base we've seen throughout The Flash releases.

This will mark the first Supergirl sixth scale figure from Hot Toys, crafted in the likeness of actress Sasha Calle who portrays the iconic superhero. The figure will follow the recent wave of Supergirl toys, which has included the Supergirl Barbie Doll and McFarline's 7" Supergirl Action Figure.

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While The Flash movie is screening in cinemas now, here's a sneak peek of Supergirl in action:

Supergirl will join an esteemed roster of DC Universe characters featured in the film that have also received the Hot Toys sixth scale treatment. These include Michael Keaton's Batman, Batflek, Batcycle, and, of course, The Flash himself!

Find all the information about the recent Hot Toys' The Flash sixth scale collection below:

Hot Toys Launch Pre-Orders For Michael Keaton’s Batman Figure From The Flash
Hot Toys Batman (Modern Suit) Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order for $305.
Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For Ben Affleck Batman & Batcycle
Hot Toys Ben Affleck Batman Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order from $290.
Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For The Flash Sixth Scale Figure
Hot Toys The Flash Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order for $290, with a bonus Signet Ring.

Displayed together alongside Supergirl, they would certainly elevate any collector's showcase.

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