Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For The Flash Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys The Flash Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order for $290, with a bonus Signet Ring.

Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For The Flash Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys have continued to add to their lineup of The Flash sixth scale figures to celebrate the release of the blockbuster film, due to hit screens June 16. This time it's the main character, Barry Allen, that gets a release.

The Flash Collectors Edition is available to pre-order now for $290, with expected shipping from July 2024.

Looking Flash

Inspired by Ezra Miller's portrayal of Barry Allen in the film, the figure is a testament to Hot Toys' artistic prowess, striking a remarkable accuracy in its design. Regardless of any personal views one might hold about Ezra Miller, the likeness captured in this figure is undeniably impressive.

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It stands as a unique tribute to the Scarlet Speedster, representing him in his latest cinematic venture where he stretches the boundaries of his superpowers in an attempt to alter the past. However, his actions lead him into a daunting future shadowed by the ominous threat of General Zod. This figure, thus, beautifully encapsulates The Flash's predicament, and you can undoubtedly appreciate the craftsmanship and the film without any necessity to align with Miller's personal beliefs.

One of the standout features of this figure is its meticulously designed head sculpt. It boasts not one, but two heads - one of Barry Allen and the other of The Flash in his cowl. Both are equipped with an innovative rolling eyeballs system, bringing an uncanny level of realism to the figure.

The Flash's costume is a meticulously tailored classic red ensemble, accented with silver details. The emblem, a central feature of the costume, comes with an LED light-up function, lending the figure a vibrant aura. Moreover, the costume is adorned with golden yellow luminous patterns that truly bring The Flash's speed-force abilities to life.


In addition to the figure itself, there are various accessories that complete The Flash's look. Notably, an interchangeable helmet with translucent orange-coloured goggles, and adjustable lighting effects accessories add dynamic flair. To showcase the figure, Hot Toys continue with the excellent logo-adorned LED-lighted stand, a feature we have seen throughout this recent range, offering a unique way to display this figure.

Bonus Signet Ring

There are two versions of this figure available for fans - the Collector and Special Editions. The only difference is the addition of a life-sized The Flash Signet Ring in the Special Edition. This is a nice touch, and since there is no additional cost for the Special Edition, you should definitely pick up this version to secure the Signet Ring.

With pre-orders now open, this Flash figure is all set to add a spark to your collection. An embodiment of the thrilling and dramatic journey of Barry Allen, it's a piece that any fan or collector wouldn't want to miss.

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