Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For Ben Affleck Batman & Batcycle

Hot Toys Ben Affleck Batman Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order from $290.

Hot Toys Pre-Orders Live For Ben Affleck Batman & Batcycle

The latest DC Comics blockbuster, The Flash, is set to hit screens on June 16, and Hot Toys has an impressive line-up of sixth-scale figures for fans to collect. The latest additions to this lineup are the Ben Affleck Batman figure and Batcycle, both directly inspired by The Flash.

You can pre-order now from $290, with expected shipping from July 2024.

Batfleck...Sort Of

Our beloved Caped Crusader is back with a vengeance. This latest figure boasts some excellent features, though it does fall short in a few areas. There are two distinct cowled heads, each designed to match specific poses for Batman's iconic stance, along with separate rolling eyeballs (the new Hot Toys standard!) and three interchangeable lower faces to reflect various expressions.

While both cowl sculpts boast impressive detail, they don't quite hit the mark in capturing Ben Affleck's likeness. This could likely be a by-product of licensing hurdles, so if that's a deal breaker, this figure isn't for you.

In some early previews, the cowl and cape don't seem to gel together perfectly; it looks a tad unfinished. The degree to which this may irk you might well vary from collector to collector. It's entirely possible that this issue will be addressed before the final release, but it's worth bearing in mind nonetheless.

The body of the figure accentuates Batman's brawny physique - this is not a Bat to be trifled with. The outfit is screen-accurate, dappled in a silver-grey scheme with textured embellishments that show just the right amount of weathering. To complete the ensemble, adjustable armours around the chest and foot, a beautifully sculpted utility belt in metallic gold, and a wired fabric cape are thrown in.


Every Batman needs his gadgets. This figure is no exception with detailed weapons including a grapple device and a few Batarangs for good measure. To show off the figure in all its glory, a specially designed LED-lighted display stand featuring the Batman logo is also included (an excellent feature across The Flash range).

Beastly Batcycle

Hot Toys also unveiled the Batcycle Sixth Scale Collectible Vehicle. The Batcycle mirrors the one seen in The Flash trailer with its precision and fine painting applications.

Measuring a beastly 56.5cm in length, the Batcycle boasts LED light-up functions (USB power operated) on its head and tail lights. In addition, it offers an adjustable-degree handlebar and wheels, along with rotatable rubber wheels featuring a realistic tread pattern.

The Batcycle doesn't skimp on details either. You'll find an attachable vehicle ramming accessory and a generous serving of mechanical details on the side-mounted weapons, engine, frame, and exhaust. To top it all off, it comes with articulated flaps and two display bases.

You can pre-order both as a set of 2 for $665 (a saving of $35) or individually with the Batcyle costing $410 and the Batman figure $290.

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