Hot Toys Launch Pre-Orders For Michael Keaton's Batman Figure From The Flash

Hot Toys Batman (Modern Suit) Sixth Scale Figure is now available to pre-order for $305.

Hot Toys Launch Pre-Orders For Michael Keaton's Batman Figure From The Flash

Feast your eyes on this beautifully recreated Hot Toys one-sixth scale replica of Michael Keaton's Batman in his Modern Suit from the anticipated film, The Flash.

You can pre-order now for $305, with expected shipping from July 2024.

Watch Michael Keaton's return as Batman in The Flash Trailer

Its new Bruce Wayne head sculpt, paired with a Batman cowled head that comes with interchangeable lower faces, both feature a unique rolling eyeballs system, giving collectors the flexibility to adjust the gaze as they see fit. Furthermore, the highly articulated body accurately represents Batman's muscular frame, further enhancing its realism.

In true Bat-style, this collectible comes with a highly detailed Batsuit, interchangeable fabric bat capes for texture variation, and an arsenal of Bat gadgets, ranging from a line launcher and a rope-bound batarang to ninja wheels, a remote, and a bomb timer.

To top it off, an LED-illuminated display stand adorned with the Batman logo is included to bring the ambience of the Batcave right into your collection space.

Take a look at Spin Master's release of the classic limited edition 1989 Batmobile RC.

For those lucky enough to snag the First Edition, a bonus Batman cowl with a stand is included. In our humble opinion, this will be a must-have collectible for any ardent fan of the Dark Knight!

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