Withdraw WAXP from Binance to WAX Wallet

Withdraw WAXP from Binance to WAX Wallet
Photo by Vadim Artyukhin / Unsplash

So you have WAX in your Binance account and now you want to withdraw to your WAX wallet to buy awesome NFTs?

Great, it's quick and easy to do.

If you don't have WAX in your Binance account or don't have a Binance account, you can read our guide on how to buy WAX coin on Binance.

1. Withdrawing WAXP from Binance to your WAX Wallet

Now you have your WAX, it's really easy to transfer from Binance to your WAX wallet. Then you can get ready to buy NFTs such as Funko Digital Pop!

Click on 'Wallets' in the bottom menu tray in the Binance app.

Select 'Withdraw' near the top of the 'overview' screen.

Under the crypto tab, click on 'WAXP' in your 'Coin List'.

All you have to do here is add your WAX wallet address. You don't need a Tag/Memo to deposit funds to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

Select the amount of WAX you want to send. Clicking 'Max' will transfer all of your existing funds.

I'll withdraw all my existing Binance WAXP funds to my WAX wallet in this example. At the bottom, you will see there is a small transaction fee of 1.5 WAXP.

Tap Withdrawal. You will get a confirm order screen and a few warnings to 'ensure the tag is correct'. Tag/Memo is usually very important for a lot of crypto transactions, but we don't need it for depositing to our WAX Cloud Wallet.

Click confirm and that's you done!

Your WAXP will be in your WAX wallet within 30 minutes.

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