1000% Bearbrick Sale - Buy One Get One Free

1000% Bearbrick Sale - Buy One Get One Free

If you're a fan of designer toys and collectibles, then you're probably already familiar with Bearbrick.  Their Lego-like Bear figures are highly collectible and have become increasingly popular among enthusiasts and collectors over the years.

If you're looking to add some new Be@rbrick figures to your collection or pick up your very first one, then you're in luck. Sideshow is currently running a Buy One Get On Free sale on the largest Bearbrick 1000.

The Sideshow Bearbrick sale ends 9th March @ 11:59 PT.

If you're a serious collector, then you know that the 1000% Bearbrick figures are the ultimate prize. These massive figures stand at around 70cm tall and are highly sought-after.

Not only do you get the BOGOF deal, but many of the Bears are already reduced in price.

Here are some of our Bearbrick Pop Culture picks from the sale:

Homelander $655 > $349

If you're a fan of the Amazon Prime series The Boys, then you'll definitely want to get your hands on this Homelander Bearbrick figure.

Homelander Be@rbrick - 1000% - $349

Check out the Be@rbrick Homelander 1000% Collectible Figure brought to you by Sideshow and Medicom Toy. Features the infamous leader of The Seven standing at an impressive height of approximately 27.55 inches.


The figure is based on the character Homelander, who is one of the most powerful and dangerous superheroes in the show, and at a discounted price of $349 (down from $655), it's an absolute steal on top of the BOGOF offer.

Batman - $700 > $499.99

The Dark Knight is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and this Batman Bearbrick figure is a must-have for any Batman fan.

Batman Be@rbrick - 1000% - $499.99

If you're a fan of Batman HUSH, then you won't want to miss out on the Be@rbrick Batman (HUSH Version) 1000% Collectible Figure, presented by Sideshow and Medicom Toy!


Based on Batman Hush comic book series, the figure features a sleek black and grey design, with Batman's iconic logo emblazoned on its chest.

The figure stands at 70cm tall, is highly detailed and is currently 28% off! Plus you can add the Superman Hush in the BOGOF deal for only $90 more (he's further down!).

Jurassic Park - $575 > $424.99 (Almost Gone!)

Looking to add a touch of prehistoric cool to your home? Then check out this Jurassic Park Bearbrick figure from Medicom!

Jurrasic Park Be@rbrick - 1000% - $424.99

Get ready for some prehistoric fun with the Be@rbrick Jurassic Park 1000% Collectible Figure from Sideshow and Medicom Toy. Stands at an impressive height of approximately 27.55 inches!


This figure features the iconic Jurassic Park logo across its chest in a striking red colour. It's the perfect way to show off your love for this classic movie franchise, and will definitely make a statement in any room.

At a discounted price of $424.99 (down from $575), it's a great deal. But hurry, this one it's almost gone!

Superman - $700 > $589.99 (Almost Gone!)

Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and this Bearbrick figure is a must-have for any Superman fan.

Superman Be@rbrick - 1000% - $589.99

This figure features the iconic Batman HUSH version of Superman in all his glory. It's a must-have for any fan of the Man of Steel, or anyone who simply loves collecting cool figures.


Again we have the Batman Hush version of Superman, which makes it the ideal complement to Batman on the BOGOG deal.

In fact, you can get both Batman & Superman for only $589.99, instead of the usual price of $1400 with the discount and BOGOF deals.

This one is also almost gone, so you will need to move faster than a speeding bullet to get him!

There is more!

If these don't pique your interest, there are many more Bearbrick for sale, featuring artist and music collabs, plus other Pop Culture characters such as Marvin the Martian, Tom & Jerry and more!

Head on over to Sideshow to see the full sale.

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