What is Bearbrick 1000? - A Complete Guide

What is Bearbrick 1000? - A Complete Guide

If you're a fan of Japanese pop culture and collectible toys, you may have heard of Bearbrick, the iconic figure from Medicom Toy Inc.

Among its various sizes, Bearbrick 1000 (or Beabrick 1000%) stands out as the largest and most sought-after size.

In this article, we will look in-depth at Bearbrick 1000, exploring its features, history, and collectibility. We will also compare it to other Bearbrick sizes, including their dimensions and prices.

What is Bearbrick 1000?

Bearbrick 1000 is a giant-sized version of the popular Bearbrick toy figure. It stands at an impressive height of 70cm (27.5 inches) and is 1000% bigger than the standard-size Bearbrick 100. The design is simple yet distinctive, featuring a bear-like figure with a brick-shaped head.

20th Anniversary Chrome Bearbick Based on the 1st model

Features of Bearbrick 1000

Bearbrick 1000 is made of vinyl and has a height of 70cm (27.5 inches), making it the largest Bearbrick size available.

The figure has joints that allow for articulation, making it as poseable as a lego figure. Bearbrick 1000 is also available in various designs, such as collaborations with brands, artists, and even movie franchises (more on themes shortly).

How does Bearbrick 1000 Compare to Other Sizes?

Bearbrick is available in several sizes, each with its own unique features and dimensions. Below is a table comparing the dimensions and prices of each size.

Bearbrick Size Height (cm) Height (in) Price Range ($)
50% 4 1.6 $10 - $50
70% 5 2.0 $20 - $100
100% 7 2.8 $50 - $300
150% 10.5 4.1 $75 - $200
200% 14 5.5 $100 - $500
400% 28 11.0 $200 - $1000
1000% 70 27.6 $500 - $5000+

As you can see, Bearbrick 1000 is the largest size and also the most expensive, with a price range often starting from $500.

1000% Bearbrick next to adult - CR: Sideshow

Bearbrick 1000 Themes

One of the most exciting aspects of collecting Bearbrick 1000s is the vast array of themes that they come in. From popular culture icons to exclusive collaborations with fashion brands, there's a Bearbrick 1000 for every interest and taste.

Some of the most popular Bearbrick 1000 themes include collaborations with high-end fashion brands like Chanel, BAPE, and KAWS. These exclusive collaborations feature unique designs and limited edition releases, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Other popular themes include Bearbrick 1000 inspired by classic movies, such as Star Wars and Marvel, which often feature intricate detailing and high-quality paint jobs. These designs are very unique with the bear frame hidden at first glance.

Bearbrick 1000 based on Batman (Hush Comic)

Bearbrick 1000s also come in a variety of themes based on popular music artists, such as Michael Jackson and Daft Punk featuring their iconic outfits and accessories.

In addition to these themes, Bearbrick 1000 also come in a variety of unique designs created by artists and designers, often with larger-than-life patterns and prints.


Overall, the variety of themes available for Bearbrick 1000s is one of the reasons why they have become such a popular collectible. With new releases and collaborations coming out regularly, there's always something new and exciting for collectors to add to their collections.

How to Identify Authentic Bearbrick 1000

With the rise in popularity of Bearbrick, there are many counterfeit versions in the market. To ensure that you are getting an authentic Bearbrick 1000, there are a few things to look for:

  1. Firstly, check for the authenticity sticker on the box. This sticker should have a hologram and a unique serial number.

  2. Secondly, check the joints of the figure. Authentic Bearbrick 1000 has joints that are tight and smooth, while counterfeit ones might have loose and rough joints.

  3. Lastly, check for the details and paintwork of the figure. Authentic Bearbrick 1000 has precise details and high-quality paintwork, while counterfeit ones might have sloppy paintwork and lack details.

Collectibility of Bearbrick 1000

Due to its size and limited availability, Bearbrick 1000 has become a highly collectible item among Bearbrick enthusiasts.

Each release of Bearbrick 1000 is often produced in limited quantities, making it difficult to obtain. This scarcity, combined with the collaboration designs, makes Bearbrick 1000 a valuable addition to any collection.

The value of Bearbrick 1000 can appreciate over time, especially for rare or limited editions, however, we are more recently seeing that the retail value won't hold in the secondary markets.

Only buy Bearbrick if you enjoy the designs and always look out for Bearbrick 1000 sales to get a great deal.

Where to Buy Bearbrick 1000

Bearbrick 1000 can be found in speciality toy stores, online marketplaces, and even auctions.

You can take a look at the most recent SERIES45 on Bearbricks website, which has some links on where to buy (from Japan). You can also find them on mct.tokyo for sale, just keep in mind postage & import fees.

Outwith Japan, you can find Beabrick 1000 on sites such as Sideshow which is great if you are in the US and want to avoid expensive import or shipping fees.

Bearbrick 1000 FAQ

What is the difference between Bearbrick 1000 and other Bearbrick sizes?

Bearbrick 1000% is the largest size, standing at a height of 70cm (27.5 inches), and is 1000% bigger than the standard 100% Bearbrick. Other sizes include 50%, 70%, 100%, 150%, 200% and 400% Bearbricks.

How much does Bearbrick 1000 cost?

Bearbrick 1000's price range varies depending on the design and availability, but they usually start from $500.

How can I tell if my Bearbrick 1000 is authentic?

Look for the authenticity sticker on the box, check the joints of the figure, and examine the details and paintwork of the figure.

Where can I buy Bearbrick 1000?

Bearbrick 1000 can be found in speciality toy stores, online marketplaces, and even auctions. Checkout out Sideshow Collectibles for a range of Bearbrick 1000%

Be careful when purchasing from unknown sources to avoid counterfeit versions.

Is Bearbrick 1000 a good investment?

Due to its limited production and collaborative designs, Bearbrick 1000 can appreciate in value over time, however they can also depreciate. Due to market factors and a recent surge in western buyers, secondary market prices are often falling well below retail (outwith very limited pieces).

It's best to buy Bearbrick as something to enjoy and look out for amazing deals as retailers clear their inventory during this downturn.

Sideshow are often running some great sales on their Bearbrick 1000% range along with the other available sizes.

We do not provide investment advice, please do your own research.

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