Mattel's Barbie NFTs Early Access Drops Today

Mattel partner with Boss Beauties to bring Barbie NFTs to life, complete with redeemable rewards. Drops May 10 @ 09:00 PT.

Mattel's Barbie NFTs Early Access Drops Today!

Mattel has partnered with NFT collection Boss Beauties to drop the Barbie Boss Collection NFTs, celebrating Barbie's illustrious 250+ careers!

Mattel Barbie NFTs drop today @ 09:00 PT

If you purchase Barbie Boss Beauties today you will also receive a surprise virtual collectible, which will be revealed in July 2023.

Packs are available for $25 each and will each contain four NFTs: Two commons, one uncommon and either a rare, super rare, ultra rare or exclusive NFT.

Barbie NFT - Ultra Rare Example

You can look at the whole Barbie NFT catalog here.

If you pull any ultra rare (3.12% chance), you can redeem Barbie Career of the Year Doll Set! Pull an exclusive (2.17%) and you can redeem for a World of Barbie ticket.

Barbie Career of the Year Doll Set Reward

The details on the redeemables are a little hazy, but it's nice to see more brands jump into the phygital space (Mattel are no stranger to this with their Hot Wheels NFT line).

Boss Beauties are already an established Web 3 project, aiming to inspire and empower the next generation of women and girls.

You can join their discord community for more information.

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