The Ultimate Guide To Hot Wheels NFT Garage - Series 5

The Ultimate Guide To Hot Wheels NFT Garage - Series 5

Hot Wheels NFT moved away from the WAX Blockchain late last year and you may be forgiven if you wondered what happened to them.

Hot Wheels NFT Series 5 Drops April 27 @ 9am PT

Well, they moved over to Flow which is best known for NBA Top Shots (my very first NFT project).

For those who don't know, Hot Wheels NFT garage is a 'phygital' NFT project, meaning that you can collect rare physical Hot Wheels depending on what NFTs you pull from packs (or buy on the secondary marketplace). Neat!

Read on to find out more and how to get involved in the latest drop.

1. Hot Wheels NFT Garage Pack

There is only one pack available for this drop and it retails for $25.

Basic HTML Table
Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
NFT Garage 40,000* 7 $25 27/04/2021

*40k packs will be available, but not all will be available to buy on launch (some packs are reserved for marketing, customer services etc).

The pack will contain 7 NFTs made up of 4 common and 2 uncommon, with the final NFT either being a Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare or Exclusive NFT.

How Do I Buy Packs?

Head over to Mattel Creations to buy your Series 5 packs. There was no queue for the previous drop and the same is expected this time around, but I would turn up ten minutes before the drop to be sure.

Simply pay with a credit/debit card, just like any other online purchase you would make (no crypto payments available for retail packs).

You don't need a crypto wallet first to buy the packs either, simply purchase the pack and a new Mattel creations wallet will be created for you (if you have one, you can simply login first).

Once you have ordered your packs, just pop over to your order history and 'claim' your pack to Mint to your account. Once minted, you can rip and open from the collection page.

There will be a limit of 8 packs per order (no limits per household).

2. Rarities & Physical Redemption

The Series 5 drop has 60 Hot Wheels NFTs to collect, including 5 physical diecast Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 5 Physical Rewards

Here are the following rarities:

Basic HTML Table
Rarity Pull Odds Redeemable
Common Guaranteed 4
Uncommon Guaranteed 2
Rare Up to 1
Super Rare Up to 1 - 28.74% (2.5/1)
Ultra Rare Up to 1 - 3.59% (27/1)
Exclusive Unknown (will update)

Redeemable NFTs

The Super Rare & Ultra Rare grant physical redemption for a 1/64th scale Hot Wheel representative of its digital NFT twin.

There is only one Ultra Rare to collect, which will bag you a limited edition Porche 911 GT3 RS (limited to around 1.5k in total).

There are also four Super Rare NFTs to collect, including a '55 Chevy Panel, '17 Pagani Huayra Roadstar, Aston Martin Vulcan and a McLaren F1. These will be limited to around 3k pieces in total.

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Each car NFT you collect will have a rarity tag above it. The redemption NFTs will have the NFT type 'Premium' and 'Treasure Hunt'.

If you are used to Funko NFT, the Ultra Rare (which will have the 'Treasure Hunt' NFT type) is the grail of Hot Wheels NFTs, whilst the Super Rares are the legendary equivalent.

If you are still unsure, if you click into a Hotwheel NFT, you will see the meta-data field 'redeemable' which will have the entry 'yes' if redeemable.

I'll write a guide on Hot Wheels redemptions & dates, so look out for that soon!

Set Completion

The set completion is quite an achievement with Hot Wheels NFTs. Not only will you need to complete set 5 (every NFT in the set), but also other upcoming sets (likely sets 5-8, all to be released this year, but still awaiting an official announcement).

The reward for completing Series 5 and upcoming sets is also yet to be announced.

Exclusive Showroom NFT

The Exclusive NFT is the rarest Hot Wheels NFT of them all and is highly desirable.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is what you are looking to pull in the Series 5 drop.

Series 5 Exclusive Showroom NFT

Although it doesn't grant physical redemption directly, it plays a huge role in set completion due to its very limited nature and can be expensive to buy on the secondary market.

For example, the Series 3 Pagani Zonda R Showroom NFT has sold for a high of $1,170.88, with a current suggested price of $1,099.75.

Hotwheels NFT Garage Series 4 Exclusive Showroom NFT

3. Marketplace

The new Hot Wheel Marketplace is also launching on April 27, powered by Rarible.

The marketplace will first launch allowing users to trade with each other using the cryptocurrency Flow. Phase 2 will allow credit/debit card transactions for secondary market purchases.

Coinbase Integration

To make this process as simple as possible, Mattel has integrated Coinbase. This means you can login to your Coinbase account directly from the marketplace, buy and transfer Flow directly to your Mattel Creations wallet.

I'll write a guide on the new Hot Wheels marketplace once it's launched and I've run through the process of buying, selling and topping up the account with Flow.

Series 4 Redemption Tokens

It's also exciting to know that Season 4 redemption period for tokens has been extended and will be tradeable on the new marketplace.

If you want to pick up season 4 physicals, this will be a chance to do so (or sell if you are already holding these tokens and don't want to redeem).

4. Hot Wheels NFTs 2023

Mattel plan to grow Hot Wheels NFTs throughout 2023. Another 2-3 Hot Wheels main Series drops are planned for this year.

Three Feature drops are also planned, which will feature around 10-20 NFT cars to collect centred around a specific theme (including collabs!).

These drops are much more limited, with around 10k packs each. A feature drop also includes one limited physical diecast, redeemable through set completion only.

There are also planned challenges to collect specific NFTs from previous sets with rewards, which is a nice touch to breathe life into past Series drops.

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