DC NFTs Set To Unleash Debut Comic Featuring Barry Allen's The Flash

Be ready for the release of the iconic Showcase #4 comic on DC Universe, Thursday 1st June at 9am PT, priced at $9.99.

DC NFTs Set to Unleash Debut Comic Featuring Barry Allen's The Flash

Palm NFT Studios, in partnership with DC, are set to release an absolute classic, Showcase (1956-1978) #4, as an NFT. This isn't just any comic, it's the very moment when the Silver Age of comics kicked off!

Showcase (1956-1978) #4 will drop Thursday June 1 @ 9 am PT.

You've got the one and only Barry Allen (yeah, that's our Silver Age Flash) popping up for the first time, alongside his lovely wife, Iris West. It's a proper landmark, this one – Barry's debut makes him the first DC Silver Age superhero.

And why should you care? Well, this isn't just about getting your hands on a cool old comic. This issue is a piece of history that's still resonating with fans today and will only grow stronger with the soon-to-be-released blockbuster, The Flash.

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These digital comics can also fetch some high prices, so it's worthwhile queuing up and trying your luck on drop day. The lowest listing for a Legendary rarity Superman (1939-2011) #1 is priced at $11,500!

There are five rarities up for grabs (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic & Legendary), each one giving you a better comic 'grade'. Owning a DC Collectible Comic NFT unlocks the full issue, so you can read it from within your DC universe account.

It's a blind drop, so the rarity you receive is random, with the comic costing $9.99. Each account is limited to just one purchase and there will be a total circulation of 5k pieces.

If you're keen on Barry, Iris, or just love a bit of comic book history, you can't go wrong with Showcase (1956-1978) #4. This is all about the origins of the Silver Age Flash and will undoubtedly become a highly coveted digital collectible.

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