Step into the Darkness: McFarlane Toys Opens Pre-Orders for Abyss Action Figure

McFarlane Toys opens pre-orders for the new Abyss action figure for only $29.99, with the release set for August 25.

Step into the Darkness: McFarlane Toys Opens Pre-Orders for Abyss Action Figure

Pre-orders have kicked off for the latest McFarlane action figure, Abyss, forming part of the new McFarlane Collector's Edition range. Known as Batman's dark reflection, Abyss was introduced in 2022 as a new villain for Batman to fight, making his debut in the ongoing Batman series from DC Comics.

The stunning-looking Abyss action figure can be pre-ordered now on Entertainment Earth for only $29.99 or for the same price.

The figure is due for release on August 25, 2023. There is even a chance of a 'chase' variant for this figure - a special variation that could be randomly delivered to you!

When Gotham City exhaled a sigh of relief after surviving Fear State, a new adventure loomed on the horizon for Batman. This mystery involves Batman Inc., leading the Dark Knight away from Gotham City and headlong into a confrontation with a familiar adversary and a dark new enemy - Abyss.

Abyss, the villain from the Batman Volume 3 series, represents a path that Batman himself could have taken. Plunged into darkness following a personal tragedy similar to Bruce Wayne's, Abyss succumbed to the darkness where Batman did not. His tragic past and desire to emulate Batman led to his transformation into a villain, revealing a twisted reflection of the Caped Crusader himself.

Following an offer from Lex Luthor to create a new kind of Batman, Abyss was abandoned and left to navigate the darkness alone. This experience and the subsequent battle against Batman solidified his status as a villain and dark mirror to the hero.

As Abyss now makes his leap from the comic book pages to a tangible action figure, fans can expect the usual high level of detail and quality that McFarlane Toys are renowned for. Just look at it! This is a seriously cool figure. Standing at a 7-inch scale and designed with up to 22 moving parts, the Abyss figure allows fans to fully immerse themselves in their favourite DC narratives.

Complete with a Scythe Axe and an extra hand, the Abyss figure is equipped for action and is ready to join your collection. Each purchase includes an exclusive card stand and base. An art card featuring character art and biography also comes with each figure, allowing fans to delve deeper into Abyss's tragic and complex backstory.

With pre-orders now live, fans of the DC Multiverse and McFarlane Toys are encouraged to secure their Abyss figure before the opportunity vanishes into the dark. This dark reflection of Batman is ready to step into the spotlight, offering a unique addition to any DC collection.

Abyss is now available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth and, each priced at $29.99.

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