McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Superman Preorders Open

McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Superman action figure can be Pre-ordered for $29.99, with release expected on August 25 2023.

McFarlane Toys Collector Edition Superman Preorders Open

The new Superman action figure from McFarlane Toys is part of the new McFarlane Collector Edition series. Preorders are now open on and Entertainment Earth for $29.99.

Although this is a new range from McFarlane Toys with the Collector Edition label, there isn't too much difference from what we are used to seeing from the DC Multiverse range (despite the $10 price increase). This 7” scale figure is designed with Ultra Articulation that boasts the usual 22 moving parts, complete with attachable breakage chains, an exclusive collectable art card with a stand, and figure base.

The figure's look is rooted in Superman's depiction in Action Comics #1, although we do see a reuse of the Superman Rebirth body mould. While this decision is a practical one, it isn't the unique figure that some may expect from a collector edition. I do like the general design though and the head sculpt looks really good.

There has been some debate about the choice of blue boots for the figure, a departure from the well-known red boots Superman is known for and also depicted on the cover of the iconic Action Comics #1 that is shown on the included art card.

The design choice is in line with the original issues' comic panels where Superman was indeed portrayed with blue boots. While it might cause some initial confusion, it ultimately provides an authentic touch that mirrors those early comic panels. I actually like it, but can understand why people would want the red boots to match the provided art card.

McFarlane Toys adds an element of surprise to this release with the possibility of receiving a chase variant. For those unaware, a chase variant is a limited edition version of the figure, often the most desirable due to its rarity. We are yet to see what this variant will look like.

Secure your pre-order and you just might find a Chase variant coming your way. Head over to or Entertainment Earth to preorder today for $29.99.

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