McFarlane Batman Dawn of Justice Preorders: Stock Update

McFarlane Toys' Batman Dawn of Justice figure pre-order has swiftly sold out, proving its immense popularity among fans. Stay vigilant for restocks of this coveted figure!

McFarlane Batman Dawn of Justice Preorders: Stock Update

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the astonishing speed at which McFarlane Toys' Batman Dawn of Justice figure has sold out! This latest release didn’t just fly off the virtual shelves – - it soared with record-breaking velocity, becoming a must-have for fans in the blink of an eye.

You can pick up Batman Dawn Of Justice in a case of 6 at Entertainment Earth, complete with the excellent Batman Sky Dive ( The Dark Knight) and Catwoman ( The Dark Knight Rises).

Watch out for restocks of the Batman Dawn of Justice figure on Amazon, priced at only $22.99. It has quickly pre-sold out, with even the McFarlane Toy Store also out of stock.

So what's all the fuss about? The McFarlane Batman Dawn of Justice action figure comes with the usual 22-point articulation that McFarlane is known for. This means you can pose Batman in mid-fight or just chilling on your shelf. Whatever suits you.

You also get extra hands, a couple of Batarangs, a grapple launcher, and even a display base. Plus, the usual collectible card that has Batman artwork on one side and a character bio on the back is here. This figure is all about capturing that intense vibe from Batman V Superman. Ok, they don't have Ben Afflek's likeness, but the suit is very cool and it's definitely one I'll be picking up when I can.

Priced at just $22.99, this McFarlane Batman figure is great value, especially considering the recent launch of the pricier Crisis On Infinite Earth figures. It's reassuring to see that McFarlane isn't making high prices a new norm, at least for now.

Stay alert for pre-orders on Amazon, as they may receive additional stock leading up to the March 2024 release. Given the high demand – evidenced by Entertainment Earth also selling out – it's definitely worth securing this figure whenever you spot the opportunity.

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If you're into Batman collectibles or the movie, definitely keep an eye out for this figure. It's worth grabbing quickly when it becomes available again – if you can catch a glimpse before they're gone!

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