Fans Face High Price Tag for McFarlane's Crisis On Infinite Earths Figures

McFarlane's Crisis On Infinite Earths figures are now available for pre-order at an eyebrow-raising $39.99 each. This pricing strategy raises questions about the future costs for McFarlane collectors in 2024.

Fans Face High Price Tag for McFarlane's Crisis On Infinite Earths Figures

In the ever-evolving world of collectibles, the latest offering from McFarlane Toys, the Crisis On Infinite Earths Gold Label series, has raised a few eyebrows.

With each figure priced at $39.99, a noticeable hike from previous releases like the Batman & Robin Movie Build-A-Wave figures at $24.99, the question arises: does the price increase match an increase in value?

If the price doesn't phase you, you can preorder all figures now exclusively at the McFarlane Toys Store, with all figures set to ship in March 2024.

Firstly, let's take a look at what's on offer:

Superman: Earth's Greatest Hero

Renowned as the world's greatest hero, Superman's figure is a fairly standard offering from what we've seen before from McFarlane. The usual 7", 22 points of articulation are here, the figure comes with only a few accessories like extra hands and a display base. The question for collectors is whether these features justify the higher price point of $39.99.

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The Flash: Keystone City's Speedster

Wally West's incarnation as The Flash brings speed into the collection. Similar to Superman, this figure offers a set of extra hands and includes the legs for The Monitor build-a-figure.

Psycho-Pirate: The Tormented Antagonist

Psycho-Pirate, with his complex backstory and psionic powers, adds a villainous edge to the series. The figure maintains the standard set by its companions, featuring the usual articulation, however no accessories are offered. The figure does look cool though.

The Spectre: Divine Wrath Embodied

The Spectre's figure stands out with its depiction of the character's struggle between revenge and justice. Despite its unique design and the figure's popularity among fans, as evidenced by its quick sell-out on pre-orders, the pricing still remains a point of debate, especially with no included accessories.

The Monitor: Build-A-Figure

The centerpiece of McFarlane Toys Crisis On Infinite Earths set is The Monitor, a build-a-figure assembled by combining the parts included with Superman of Earth-2, Kid Flash, Psycho-Pirate, and The Spectre.

This figure looks really cool, with a nice head sculpt, detailed armour and cape. It definitely adds to the value of the rest of the set, but to complete him you will have to pay a whopping $159.96 plus shipping.

McFarlane Toys is currently running a bundle set of all four figures for $135, working out as a more palatable $33.75 a figure. Still expensive, but much better than the previous. It's currently also the only way to pre-order The Spectre, with his single figure pre-sold out.

That brings us neatly back to the price. $39.99 for each figure in this series is notably higher than McFarlane Toys' previous releases. While the 'Gold Label' designation implies a premium, the difference in value doesn't seem to equate to the $15 price increase. Particularly, the lack of additional accessories and the seemingly standardised detail in the figures don't fully justify the hike. For example, The Flash (Flashpoint) Build-A Wave figure that released last year came with two head sculpts, along with the Cyborg parts for the Build-A figure, all for the usual $24.99.

As we step into 2024, this could signal a new, higher price point norm for McFarlane Toys collectors. The question remains if the market will adapt to this change if it is indeed a trend that will continue.

Whether this series sets a new pricing trend or remains an outlier for McFarlane Toys is something time will tell. As it stands, the community are still handing over their hard-earned dollars.

Too pricey or fair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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