Ultimate Guide To Fantastik Plastik Funko NFTs

The Ultimate Guide to Fantastik Plastik Funko NFTs
The Ultimate Guide to Fantastik Plastik Funko NFTs

The next Funko NFT drop features Fantastik Plastik NFTs and will drop two packs on October 19 & October 21 @ 14:00 ET.

This is a mini drop with no redeemable physicals, designed to test the new Funko Droppp platform (which we will get into).

Fantastik Plastik NFTs is another nod to Funko's roots just like the recent Big Boy NFT drop. Originally known as Spastik Plastik, this was Funko's original line of Kustom Kulture figures, Wacky Wobblers, Funkovisions and Peekaboo Popups.

As Funko said themselves:

These misfits and monsters and kooks helped pave the way for the Funko of Today. One Funatic at a time.

1. Getting Started: Droppp Wallet

This is the first drop that will use Funko's new Droppp platform.

Just simply sign-up for a new account to get started.

You will also get the option to pay $4.99 for a custom wallet name. For example, we went for arodie.dp which is a nice personal touch and easy to remember.

We have a full guide on the Droppp platform coming soon.

2. How to Buy Fantastik Plastik NFTs

Buying Direct

You can buy direct from Funkos new Droppp platform with a credit/debit card.

Fantastik Plastik 1 is available October 19 @ 14:00 ET

Fantastik Plastik 2 is available October 21 @ 14:00 ET

Both standard packs are identical outwith the black/red design. They both have 3 NFTs and are limited to 10k each. There is no premium pack for this drop.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard Pack 1 10,000 3 $3 19/10/2021
Standard Pack 2 10,000 3 $3 21/10/2021

With only three NFTs in a standard pack compared to the usual five, this is a much smaller release than we have seen previously with TMNT, Big Boy or Iron Maiden.

It's being used to test the new Droppp system, so we will definitely pick up a few packs to see how everything works.

Buying on the Secondary Market

If you do miss out or want to buy more after the launch day, you can always buy on the secondary market.

WAX Cloud Wallet

You're going to need a WAX cloud wallet to purchase from the secondary market.

Droppp and WAX Cloud are two separate wallets, but the good news is that you can transfer your Funko NFTs between the two.

We've already created an NFT guide on how to set up a WAX cloud wallet in 3 easy steps.


You will be able to buy Fantastik Plastik collection on the AtomicHub. On launch day, you will find items hitting the secondary market almost instantly after the sale has gone live.

If you have never bought on the AtomicHub before, check out our guide on how to purchase NFTs on AtomicHub.

You will also need WAX to buy on the secondary market. Lucky we have lots of options to guide you through:

Where to Buy WAX
Unsure where to buy your WAXP crypto? Never fear - we’ve made it easy for new NFT fans to get started with our dedicated guides.

3. Fantastik Plastik Funko Collection & Rarities

The Fantastik Plastik NFTs look really fun and quirky, with a range of funky characters like Otto and Rockin' Ramen:

NFT Rarity No of Templates % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
Common 6 52% 26,000 5,200
Uncommon 6 27% 16,200 2,700
Rare 4 14% 8,400 2,100
Epic 2 7% 4,200 2,100
1 of 1 2 0.01% 2 1

The collection runs from Common through to Epic, with various animated designs.


There will be 2 hyper exclusive 1-of-1 cards, a Freddy Funko and Max Token Head.

We are used to seeing a Funko Coin for those who don't get the 1 of 1 NFTs (pretty much all of us). However, we can't see a template in the coin in the explorer or listed in the pack odds.

It may be the first drop without an NFT coin.

Mastery & Physical Redemption

There is no Legendary or Grail rarity for this mini drop, which were tied to a physical redemption in previous Funko NFT drops.

In fact, none of the current Fantastik Plastik NFTs has a physical redemption tied to them. There will be no mastery physical for collecting all Common > Epic Funko NFTs.

This mini drop is purely digital NFTs.

You can still read about all the important physical redemption dates and how to's across all Funko NFTs drops to date.

4. Fantastik Plastik Funko Collection & Rarities

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