The Ultimate Guide To Funko Kellogg's NFTs

The Ultimate Guide To Funko Kellogg's NFTs
The Ultimate Guide To Funko Kellogs NFTs

Funko's latest NFT drop is here and this time we will experience an Ad Icon theme with your favourite Kellogg's characters, including Coco The Monkey, Tony The Tiger JR, Cornelius and more!

Funko Kellogg's NFTs drop May 31 @ 2pm ET.

So grab a bowl of your favourite cereal and let's get stuck into the latest Funko NFT drop.

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1. Kellogg's NFT Packs

Funko sticks with the usual two NFT packs at launch - a Standard ($9.99) and a Premium ($29.99) option.

Funko Kellog's Standard ($9.99) & Premium ($29.99) NFT Packs

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard Pack 15,000 5 $9.99 31/05/2022
Premium Pack 15,000 15 $29.99 31/05/2022

This is a niche drop compared to the hugely popular DC franchise, therefore Funko has cut packs to 15k for both Standard and Premium. That's 29% less pack volume than the DC Funko NFT drop.

If this is your first Funko NFT drop, the only difference between a standard and premium pack is the amount of NFTs inside. For example, there are no bonuses for buying a premium pack over three standard packs.

Packs will be available on launch day on and can only be bought with a credit/debit card. The drop is limited to $60 and you can rejoin the queue to buy more if you are very lucky.

2. Kellogg's NFT Collection & Rarities

Classic Kellogg's characters have been recreated in all of Funko's NFT glory. Tony The Tiger, Milton The Toaster, Big Yella and even a Fruit Loops box have been given the NFT treatment.

The Legendary Funko Kellog's NFTs

Everyone wants to get hold of those rare legendary and grail NFTs, so here are your pull odds and more:

NFT Rarity Type No of Templates % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
Common 25 49.03% 147,081 5883/5884
Uncommon 20 27% 81,000 4,050
Rare 14 14% 42,000 3,000
Epic 8 8% 24,000 3,000
Legendary 3 1.64% 4,920 1,640
Grail 1 0.33% 999 999
1 of 1 6 0.01% (0.03% Premium) 6 1
Series Coin 1 10% (30% Premium) 6,000 6,000

It's a much smaller drop than the previous DC drop, but that was to be expected. It's also good to see that the Grail odds have increased to 0.33% from 0.20%, so your chances have increased ever so slightly for snagging that physical Tony The Tiger Jr!

If you want to learn about the divine origins of Kellog's and the incredible cut-throat history of the cereal industry, I highly recommend you listen to the incredible Cereal Wars podcast.


Ever wondered how many Kellogg's packs have been opened? The number of Legendary or Grail NFTs still to be found? Or who are the top account holders of each redeemable pop?

Now you can with the excellent PopInStock Kellogg's NFT tracker.

3. Mastery & Physical Redemption

If you're into Funko Ad Icons, or just love the nostalgia of Kellogg's sugary cereal characters, your going to love this Funko drop!

Collect Sugar Pops Pete, Cornelius and Coco The Monkey if you are lucky enough to pull one of these three legendary Funko NFTs (limited to 1,640 each). If you pull the Grail NFT, you will snag a neat looking Tony The Tiger Jr (limited to 999).

Residing in Scotland, I'm not familiar with Sugar Pops Pete, but the other characters we share (despite differences in cereal name, such as 'Cocoa Krispies' named 'Coco Pops' over here).  

Learn everything you need to know about redeeming your physical Funko Pop! in our ultimate guide.

All redemption dates for all Funko NFT sets can be found here:

Funko NFT Redemption Dates
Here is everything you need to know about Funko NFT redemption dates for the physical rewards, including live, upcoming and closed redemptions!

Royalty Collection

The Royalty collection reward is claimed when you complete the entire 67 Kellog's NFT set (excluding Legendary, Grail, Series Coin and 1-of-1).

Freddy Funko as Dig'em Frog Royalty reward

In simple terms, if you collect one of each Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic variant from the set, you'll have completed the Royalty Collection and will be eligible to receive an exclusive Freddy Funko as Dig'em Frog (above).

A redemption coin will be distributed to you on September 28, 2022, if you hold all 67 NFTs in either your WAX wallet or Droppp wallet. You will then have 30 days to redeem your physical by October 28, 2022.

Again, I'm not familiar with Honey Smacks and Dig'em Frog, we have the Honey Monster instead and what was used to be called Sugar Puffs (Shockingly now called 'Honey Monster Puffs' to drop 'Sugar' in the name) but it's not a Kellogg's brand.

4. New to Funko NFTs?

If you are new to Funko NFTs and can't wait to get your hands on some of the epic redeemables, here are a few things you need to get started.

Droppp Wallet

You will need to sign-up for a Funko Droppp wallet.

This wallet allows you to house your new DC NFTs, keep Cornelius and Tony The Tiger safe, open Funko packs and redeem physical rewards.

Learn how to register for a free or paid account, open packs, redeem physicals and more in our ultimate Droppp guide:

The Ultimate Guide To Funko NFT Droppp Account
Funko released their new Droppp platform, the new home of all future Funko NFT drops. Learn how to transfer Funko NFTs, open packs and more!

WAX Wallet & Secondary Market

You may miss out on the launch day drop, have the thirst for more Funko DC Packs, or want to buy singles to finish off your Royalty set.

To do all of this, you will need to buy from the secondary market. To get set up you will need a  WAX cloud wallet. It now costs 5 wax to open an account, but it's simple to do!

Create WAX Wallet in 3 Easy Steps |
Setting up a WAX wallet is really easy. A few steps are all you need to create your account. First, head over to: Wax Wallet Sign-On PageNow you have two simple options to create your account. 1. Social Sign-On The simplest way to create your WAX

Droppp and WAX Cloud are two completely separate NFT wallets, but it is possible to transfer your Funko NFTs between them.

When we talk about the secondary market, we mean a peer-to-peer marketplace such as the AtomicHub. You can learn how to buy NFTs from the AtomicHub in our article below:

How to Buy NFTs on AtomicHub
Follow our guide to learn everything you need to know to begin buying WAX Blockchain NFTs on the AtomicHub secondary marketplace.

You will also need to buy WAXP tokens to purchase from the AtomicHub. Read our guide below and learn how to buy WAX:

Where to Buy WAX
Unsure where to buy your WAXP crypto? Never fear - we’ve made it easy for new NFT fans to get started with our dedicated guides.

Keep Organised - TokenHead App

Download the neat TokenHead app (owned by Funko) to view and sort all your Funko NFT collections.

Here is an awesome guide on how to install and use this app:

The Ultimate Guide to the TokenHead App
New to the world of NFTs? Follow our ultimate guide to the TokenHead app to quickly search and browse your collection.

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