The Ultimate Guide To Funko DC NFTs

The Ultimate Guide To Funko DC NFTs
The Ultimate Guide To Funko DC NFTs

Funko's latest NFT drops tomorrow and continues with the Warner Bros deal, this time with the hugely popular DC franchise, featuring Batman, The Flash, Superman and more!

Funko DC NFTs drop May 5 @ 2pm EDT.

It comes off the back of the hugely popular Scooby Doo NFT and Transformers drops, with this one undoubtedly going to catch the eye of those who haven't experienced Funko NFTs before.

So grab your Bat Cowl, you're the hero Gotham deserves and this is the drop we all need right now!

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1. DC NFT Packs

You don't need the world's greatest detective to solve this mystery. Funko sticks with the usual two NFT packs at launch - a Standard ($9.99) and a Premium ($29.99) option.

Funko DC NFT Standard & Premium Packs

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard Pack 25,250 5 $9.99 05/05/2022
Premium Pack 25,250 15 $29.99 05/05/2022

This is the biggest drop to date, with a whopping 505k Funko NFTs to be found within the Standard and Premium packs (excluding the 10,106 bonus NFTs). To put this into perspective, that's 35% more volume than the Scooby Doo drop.

Of course, Droppp, the team behind Funko NFTs, will be expecting a large increase in demand for the Batman, Superman et al redeemables. There certainly wasn't any shortage of demand for Scooby-Doo and Transformers either.

If this is your first Funko NFT drop, the only difference between a standard and premium pack is the amount of NFTs inside. There are no bonuses as such from buying a premium pack over three standard packs, for example.

Packs will be available on launch day on and can only be bought with a credit/debit card. The drop is limited to $60 and you can rejoin the queue to buy more if you are lucky!

2. DC NFT Collection & Rarities

Funko and Droppp have been at the top of their NFT game for a while when it comes to design. This drop is no exception, with another fantastic looking set of NFTs for DC and Funko fans.

Legendary DC NFTs

Everyone wants to get hold of those rare legendary and grail NFTs, so here are your pull odds and more:

NFT Rarity Type No of Templates % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
Common 54 49.42% 249,573 4,621/4,622
Uncommon 39 27.80% 140,400 3,600
Rare 21 14.55% 73,500 3,500
Epic 12 6.40% 32,328 2,694
Legendary 4 1.62% 8,200 2,050
Grail 1 0.20% 999 999
1 of 1 6 0.006% (0.018% Premium) 6 1
Series Coin 1 10% (30% Premium) 10,100 10,100

It's a very big drop, with 2k more legendary and 694 more royalty redeemable up for grabs (more on royalty shortly).

Yet your chances of pulling the redeemables have decreased compared to previous drops, due to the volume of the lower rarities. The grail, for example, was a 0.27% chance for Scooby Doo, but it has dropped to 0.20% for the DC drop. Even with more legendary NFTs in circulation for this drop, the chance of pulling one has dropped from 1.65%, to 1.62%.


Ever wondered how many DC packs have been opened? The number of Legendary or Grail NFTs still to be found? Or who are the top account holders of each redeemable pop?

Now you can with the excellent PopInStock DC NFT tracker.

3. Mastery & Physical Redemption

If you're a fan of batman, you will love this Funko drop, with three physical batman themed Funko Pops up for grabs (including the royalty). For those fans of other DC characters, you can also grab The Flash, The Eradicator (the evil cloned Superman) and Green Lantern.

Five of the redeemables can be claimed by collecting the Grail (limited to 999) and the four legendary (limited to 2,050 each) NFTs.

There have been some grumblings that the physicals for this drop are a little low effort, but as someone who is fairly new to the world of physical Funkos, they look pretty interesting if not remarkable. Maybe if there was more variation than opting for two Batmans, but I have no doubt that fans of the caped crusader won't be complaining (I'm certainly not!).

Learn everything you need to know about redeeming your physical Funko Pop! in our ultimate guide.

All redemption dates for all Funko NFT sets can be found here:

Funko NFT Redemption Dates
Here is everything you need to know about Funko NFT redemption dates for the physical rewards, including live, upcoming and closed redemptions!

Royalty Collection

The Royalty collection reward is claimed when you complete the entire 126 NFT set (excluding legendary, Grail, Series Coin and 1-of-1).

Freddy Funko as Batman Royalty Physical Reward

In simple terms, if you collect one of each Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic variant from the set, you'll have completed the Royalty Collection and will be eligible to receive an exclusive Freddy Funko as Batman (above).

A redemption coin will be distributed to you on Sep 2, 2022, if you hold all 126 NFTs in either your WAX wallet or Droppp wallet. You will then have 30 days to redeem your physical by Oct 2, 2022.

I think the Freddy Batman is very cool, but we know it's simply Freddy's head stuck onto Batman's Funko Pop #270 (First Appearance) body. I prefer something more unique as we have seen with the Bumblebee and Captain Cutler Freddy.

4. New to Funko NFTs?

If you are new to Funko NFTs and can't wait to get your hands on some of the epic redeemables, here are a few things you need to get started.

Droppp Wallet

You will need to sign-up for a Funko Droppp wallet.

This wallet allows you to house your new DC NFTs, keep Batman and Green Lantern safe, open Funko packs and redeem physical rewards.

Learn how to register for a free or paid account, open packs, redeem physicals and more in our ultimate Droppp guide:

The Ultimate Guide To Funko NFT Droppp Account
Funko released their new Droppp platform, the new home of all future Funko NFT drops. Learn how to transfer Funko NFTs, open packs and more!

WAX Wallet & Secondary Market

You may miss out on the launch day drop, have the thirst for more Funko DC Packs, or want to buy singles to finish off your Royalty set.

To do all of this, you will need to buy from the secondary market. To get set up you will need a  WAX cloud wallet. It now costs 5 wax to open an account, but it's simple to do!

Create WAX Wallet in 3 Easy Steps |
Setting up a WAX wallet is really easy. A few steps are all you need to create your account. First, head over to: Wax Wallet Sign-On PageNow you have two simple options to create your account. 1. Social Sign-On The simplest way to create your WAX

Droppp and WAX Cloud are two completely separate NFT wallets, but it is possible to transfer your Funko NFTs between them.

When we talk about the secondary market, we mean a peer-to-peer marketplace such as the AtomicHub. You can learn how to buy NFTs from the AtomicHub in our article below:

How to Buy NFTs on AtomicHub
Follow our guide to learn everything you need to know to begin buying WAX Blockchain NFTs on the AtomicHub secondary marketplace.

You will also need to buy WAXP tokens to purchase from the AtomicHub. Read our guide below and learn how to buy WAX:

Where to Buy WAX
Unsure where to buy your WAXP crypto? Never fear - we’ve made it easy for new NFT fans to get started with our dedicated guides.

Keep Organised - TokenHead App

Download the neat TokenHead app (owned by Funko) to view and sort all your Funko NFT collections.

Here is an awesome guide on how to install and use this app:

The Ultimate Guide to the TokenHead App
New to the world of NFTs? Follow our ultimate guide to the TokenHead app to quickly search and browse your collection.

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