The Ultimate Guide To Funko April Fools NFTs - Series 2

Join Funko today, April 1st, 2024, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, because Funko is back with a surprise that's too good to be true – the second series of April Fools NFTs!

The Ultimate Guide To Funko April Fools NFTs - Series 2

Funko is dropping a 'secret' April Fools Series 2 drop today, with it now being officially announced!

Funko April Fools NFTs Drop April 1 @ 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET

So no, this isn't a joke and packs are limited, so here is everything you need to know to get involved.

1. April Fools NFT Packs

Two tiers of Funko April Fools NFT packs will be available at launch: Standard and Premium.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard Pack 7,000 5 $9.99 April 1st, 2024
Premium Pack 8,000 17 $29.99 April 1st, 2024

Drop by about 10 minutes before the launch to secure your spot in the queue.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the digital treasure hunt, this guide is your compass to navigating through the excitement seamlessly:

The Ultimate Guide To Funko NFT Droppp Account
Funko released their new Droppp platform, the new home of all future Funko NFT drops. Learn how to transfer Funko NFTs, open packs and more!

2. April Fools NFT Rarities

From the elusive Grail to the vibrant Royalty, discover the tiers of rarity within the Funko April Fools Series 2 NFT collection.

NFT Rarity Type No of Templates % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
Common 18 49.82% (1/1) 85,201 4,733/4,734
Uncommon 15 26.32% (3/1) 45,000 3,000
Rare 11 14.15% (6/1) 24,200 3,000
Epic 8 7.49% (12/1) 12,800 1,600
Legendary 2 1.64% (60/1) 2,800 1,400
Grail 1 0.58% (171/1) 999 999
1 of 1 3 0.0088% (11363/1) 3 1
Series Coin 1 10% (30% Premium) 3,100 3,100

Your odds for pulling a Grail NFT— Popposite Freddy, in this case - is 171/1 per NFT pack slot. This is one of the best odds we have seen for a Grail Funko NFT!

The 1-of-1 is the rarest NFT of them all, but it's not redeemable, meaning you can't claim a physical Funko Pop if you pull it. That doesn't mean it's not valuable, these often command the highest price!

Odds Calculator

Calculate your average pulls based on the type and number of packs you're planning to buy! Just plug in your numbers and get instant probabilities.


Ever wondered how many April Fools packs have been opened? Is the number of Legendary or Grail NFTs still to be found? Or the top account holders of each redeemable pop?

Head on over to the excellent Pop In Stock April Fools NFT tracker.

3. Physical Redemption and Royalty Collection

Mark July 30th on your calendars for the redemption start date, offering a 30-day window to claim your physical collectibles set to ship in Q4 2024. This unique feature bridges the gap between digital collecting and tangible rewards, elevating the excitement and value of the Funko April Fools Series 2 NFTs.

  • Grail: Popposite Freddy (999 pcs)
  • Legendary: Chick, Burning Pack (1400 pcs each)

The highlight of this series is undoubtedly the "Burning Pack" redeemable Funko Pop. For those who don't know, there are no pre-determined NFTs in a Funko NFT pack. When you open a pack, the process destroys (or as we call it 'burns') the pack NFT and triggers the acquisition of either five or 17 random NFTs from the central pool, depending on the pack purchased.

The "Burning Pack" redeemable Funko Pop captures this process brilliantly, as well as for its nod to Funko's policy of "burning" unsold packs. This NFT is expected to be especially sought after by veteran collectors of Funko NFTs.

Another notable mention is "Chick," a companion piece to the "Egg" Funko Pop from the original April Fools Series 1. Owners of the Egg Pop will find Chick to be a must-have addition, allowing them to "hatch" their Egg side-by-side.

Popposite Freddy is this drops Grail and swaps the traditional large head / small body around for an opposite look.

Royalty Collection

The Royalty collection reward is claimed when you complete the entire 52 NFT set (excluding Legendary, Grail, Series Coin and 1-of-1).

In simple terms, if you collect all 18 common, 15 uncommon, 11 rare and 8 epic NFTs from the set, you'll have completed the Royalty Collection and will be able to redeem an exclusive Proto Balloon (limited to 1,600 pieces).

4. Redemption & Important Dates

Keep a close eye on your collection and the redemption dates:

  • April 1, 2024: NFT Pack Drop
  • July 30, 2024: Redemption Token Drop & Redemption Window Opens
  • August 29, 2024: Redemption Window Closes
  • Q4 2024: Physical Collectibles Arrival

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this unique drop. Stay tuned to Arodie for more guides, updates, and tips on navigating the exciting world of NFTs and collectibles.

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