McFarlane Batmobile 89 Gold Label 2 Pack Restock Sold Out!

The McFarlane Batmobile 89 gold label 2-pack preorders are exclusively sold on Amazon.

McFarlane Batmobile 89 Gold Label 2 Pack Restock Sold Out!

The McFarlane Batmobile 89 Gold Label 2 pack by McFarlane Toys sold out quickly and left fans eagerly anticipating a restock. The restock did arrive on July 17th but sold out in under 10 minutes. As of now, there are no plans for a further restock, but you can always check the link below.

You can pre-order directly from Amazon here, for only $74.99.

If we hear any news of a restock we will update this page!

But bear in mind, this pack is an Amazon Exclusive and stock is still limited, so not all fans will manage to add this coveted piece to their collections.  The competition will be fierce as collectors (and scalpers) try to get their hands on this beauty.

McFarlane had previously released Batman and Batmobile 1989 figures inspired by the latest The Flash film. However, they also sold out quickly, leaving many fans disappointed. Now, fans have another opportunity to secure the Gold Label variant of the famous 1989 Batmobile and Batman as a twin pack.

The Gold Label increases the price of McFarlane's base figures, due to the more detailed paint applications and potential inclusion of extra features. However, the price of $74.99 is very reasonable for what you are getting here.

From the images we've seen, both Batman and the Batmobile 89 look absolutely fantastic, and I've no doubt that they will sell out quickly. Batman's cowl looks superb, even if the face sculpt may not resemble Michael Keaton. For an uncanny likeness, consider checking out Hot Toys' Michael Keaton Batman. The Batmobile, with its gunmetal wheels, is also a highlight.

Worth noting is the cultural significance of the Batmobile 1989. Regarded as one of the most iconic depictions of Batman's transportation, this Batmobile became a symbol of a darker, more brooding Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 film. Its distinctive, elongated design and striking tailfins captured the imagination of fans worldwide.

The recent Flash film added to this legacy by bringing Michael Keaton back to reprise his role as Batman. This not only instilled a sense of nostalgia but also underscored the continued significance of Keaton's portrayal and the enduring appeal of the 1989 Batmobile. Now, fans have another chance to bring a piece of this cinematic history home with McFarlane's latest offering.

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