The Bear CLTV - Rare Bear Sells For 1 ETH

The Bear CLTV - Rare Bear Robot Ski

The Bear CLTV launched on Sunday, September 26, with bears finally coming out of hibernation to meet their eager owners.

For one minter, they were greeted with a rare robot skin, found on only 0.66% of Bears. Of course, even robot bears need a good pair of light blue jeans and he is rocking them against the brightest of lime green backgrounds.

One buyer snapped him up for a cool 1 ETH (Etherium), a high price milestone for the fledgling NFT project.

If you go down to the OpenSea's woods today, you are sure to find some of the most fashionable bears at the picnic!

Here are some of our favourites:

Each bear has a series of traits that are randomly attributed at mint. Some of these traits are exceptionally rare, like the Glitter Gold skin seen above. Some of the bears have completely unique attributes, like the NASA Astronaut bear. Cool!    

It's not all about the bears though. An even more important milestone for the project is the planting of 1400 trees in Rwanda through the partnership with One Tree Planted:

The Bear CLTV have partnered with One Tree Planted

You can learn everything about The Bear CLTV, and their green initiative, in our launch day article.

You can mint a bear right now on The Bear CLTV site. Simply connect your wallet and hit mint! Who knows, you may just end up with your very own jean rocking robot bear.

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