The Bear CLTV - Minting This Weekend!

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By Craig Fulton
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The Bear CLTV (TBC) is available to Mint on Sunday September 26 @ 2 pm ET on the Etherium blockchain.

The collection features 7,777 unique stylistic bears to collect with thoughtful utility added through membership perks, charity and carbon neutrality.

More on that utility shortly, let's get started with those bears!

1. The Bear Necessities

The bears are lego-like figures with randomly assigned traits, such as eyes, mouth, skin and accessories.

We must say, these look incredible and we can't wait to try and get one of the 7,777 on the mint day.

All designs have been masterfully created by artist and project lead Clark Apallo.

Head over to The Bear CLTV website on September 26 @ 2 pm ET to get minting.

The 7

There are also 7 unique one-of-one bears that feature unique attributes. These will be the most sought after to collect, an elite teddy bears picnic if you will.

We would love to snag Fire Bear, complete with diamond pupils, but we wouldn't say no to any one of these holy grails.

The keys

In another twist, one bear will be holding a set of gold a brand new Tesla!

Find it and the real-life Tesla Model 3 is yours (Standard Range Plus - insurance & other costs excluded, ETH equivalent dependant on country).

The prize will be released once all TBC NFTs have been minted.

More prizes for minters

There are even more prizes for those who mint a Bear NFT on launch day. Each Bear minted will act as a raffle ticket into the prize draw.

13 iPhone 13's are up for grabs and 5 Playstation 5's. There is also a Rolex raffle for those Bear owners that is wearing a watch. Neat!

You must join The Bear CLTV discord server to be eligible for launch day prizes. Full rules can be found in the #giveaways channel.

Join the TheBearCLTV Discord Server!
Check out the TheBearCLTV community on Discord - hang out with 1,866 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

2. More Than NFT Art

Ok, let's address the, eh, bear in the room. The NFT space is awash with algorithmically generated art and we usually aren't overly impressed with the countless copy cat projects since CryptoPunks blew up.

There are, however, a few gems still to be found and we really believe that The Bear CLTV is one of them. The artistic style has us hooked, but there is more to this project than the 7,777 ultrahip Bear NFTs to be minted on the Etherium blockchain.

Exclusive Fashion

Owners of a TBC NFT will gain exclusive access to The Bear CLTV Hype Brand store. Items will include trucker hats, bamboo fibre tees, eco-friendly hoodies and much more.

All adorned with a Bear of course!

As someone with an e-commerce background, I love when the world of e-commerce and NFTs come together. There are many untapped avenues with this mashup and this is another great example of the hidden potential.

Unique Physical Print

TBC NFT minters will also have the exclusive right to order a 1 of 1 physical print in a variety of canvas finishes and frames. Neat!

Who wouldn't want to show off thier very own bear?

More NFTs projects are mixing digital NFTs with physical products, like the recent Funko TMNT NFTs.

One Tree Planted

TBC have partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation, to plant a tree for every TBC NFT minted.

One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Non-Profit: One Dollar, One Tree
One Tree Planted is a non-profit 501(c)3 environmental non-profit tree planting charity that plant trees in countries around the world. One dollar plants one tree.

This not only means the NFT project will be carbon neutral, but it will also help to empower local women in Rwanda by providing mentership to local farmers through their women's cooperative.

We really do love when NFT projects take care of our most important non-fungible asset: Earth.

3. Keep Updated

Now we have beared all, keep updated with these tips:

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