Youtooz 'Take My Money' Fry Figure Is Here to Empty Your Wallet!

Youtooz's Fry figure hilariously captures the essence of collector's delight and dilemma. It's a must-have for fans ready to laugh at their own spending habits.

Youtooz 'Take My Money' Fry Figure Is Here to Empty Your Wallet!

Youtooz has brilliantly captured the moment our wallets become collateral damage with Fry's 'Take My Money' vinyl figure. It's a nod to our collective psyche as enthusiasts who can't help but throw our wallets at the things we love.

Youtooz Futerma Take My Money Fry Vinyl Figure is now available to preorder from Entertainment Earth for only $29.99. Shipping is expected September 2024.

Originating from an episode of Futurama, "Shut up and take my money" has become the go-to expression for collectors everywhere when they find that must-have item. For Fry, it was the hyped up 'eyePhone' that demanded his attention, and despite being warned by the cashier of the sub-par performance, he thrust his money forward, yelling his now famous line.

Standing at just over 5 inches tall, this figure captures Fry in his most memed moment. You can almost hear him shouting as he thrusts a fistful of cash forward, eager to part with his money. The attention to detail is good—from his furrowed brows down to his iconic red windbreaker and casual blue jeans, Youtooz has brought our favorite 31st-century delivery boy to life in a way only they can.

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The packaging also gets attention, with pop-art squares featuring the Futurama cast on the outside and a quirky interior pattern of brain slugs, it's clear that Youtooz has thought of everything. And, of course, the protective sleeve and custom plastic protector ensure that Fry arrives at your door in pristine condition.

Thankfully our wallets won't take an actual beating, with Fry priced at a reasonable $29.99 and available for preorder now from Entertainment Earth. Shipping is expected in September 2024.

But wait—there's more! Youtooz didn't stop at Fry. They're also releasing figures of Bender the Offender and Leela with Nibbler, each with their own unique charm and, of course, the same $29.99 price tag.

Futurama fans will undoubtedly be quick to snag this one, but it's not just for them. Even those who recognise it from the meme alone will find it a humorous nod to their spending habits, ready to take its place next to Exhibit A (or B, C, and so on) in their collection.

What's left to say, except the inevitable? 'Shut up and take my money!'

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