Playmates Classic TMNT Movie Star Figures Now Available

Preorder the TMNT Original Classic Wave 3 Case of 6 for $79.99 now, with shipping expected in September 2023.

Playmates Classic TMNT Movie Star Figures Now Available

Playmates Toys, a name synonymous with the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) franchise, is diving deep into its archive to bring back a piece of the 90s that many fans remember with fondness – the 1991 Movie Star Leo, Mikey, Donnie, and Raph action figures.

Original Classic Range: Wave 3

Continuing the trend of reintroducing timeless classics for new and old fans alike, Playmates promises a trip down memory lane!

Staying true to their appearance in the 1990's live-action movie, these figures have been painstakingly sculpted on the original movie figures that were released in 1991. Standing at 4" tall action, each boasts 7 points of articulation, allowing fans to pose them in dynamic, battle-ready stances.

You can now preorder a case of 6 from Entertainment Earth for only $79.99.

The case contains*:

  • 2x 1991 Movie Leonardo
  • 1x 1991 Movie Raphael
  • 2x 1991 Movie Michelangelo
  • 1x 1991 Movie Donatello

*It's essential to note that the assortment may be subject to change.

In line with the motto "more is better", this edition of The Turtles is packed with an even more extensive arsenal of weapons and accessories, perfect for recreating memorable scenes from the movies or inventing new adventures.

One cannot forget the unique 'rubbery' feel of the original figures. This is the memory most of us have with this lineup and I hope they capture that same tactile quality of the originals.

Take a look at the most recent TMNT movie figures with our guide on TMNT Mutant Mayhem Toys.

Collecting Nostalgia: The Originals on eBay

For those who owned the original figures or those who seek the pure, unadulterated 90s experience, the original 1991 Movie Star Turtles are making waves on eBay. These classic pieces, especially those that are Mint On Card (MOC), are fetching over $100 each, depending on their condition.

If you don't want to splash the cash on the original toys, the recent Playmates lineup is definitely the one to pick up!

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