Create a Radical Display with the NECA TMNT Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama and 7” Scale Accessory Set

You can now place your preorders for the NECA TMNT Sewer Lair diorama directly through the Neca Store, and don't forget to snag the accessory set too!

Create a Radical Display with the NECA TMNT Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama and 7” Scale Accessory Set

Hold onto your nunchucks because NECA has just dropped a radical new offering: The TMNT Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama and the 7” Scale Accessory Set!

It's a cool new piece that's been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the classic cartoon series. Perfectly proportioned for NECA's 7” scale figures, this diorama is the perfect way to bring the iconic Turtle lair to life!

The diorama itself comes complete with a sofa, armchair, rug, tables, signage, and lamps, ensuring that the Turtles and any surprise guests have all the creature comforts they need.

Contents of the Sewer Lair Diorama

Imagine Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael kicking back on their comfy couch, catching up on the latest news, or challenging each other to a video game showdown on their very own TV, VCR, and game console – all included in the 7” Scale Accessory Set (which yeh, is sold separately!).

Contents of the Accessory Pack (sold separately)

And to really bring your diorama to life, you will really want to add that 7” Scale Accessory Set. Packed with Easter Eggs and deep cuts from the series, it's a treasure trove of nostalgia. The inclusion of the Baby Turtles, Big Macc the robot, and even the Turtles' beloved TV, VCR, and game console will transport you straight back to those Saturday morning cartoon sessions.

We've all had figures laying around on a shelf, but with this diorama, you really have an incredible display piece. You can mix and match your figure posing with the included accessories, making sure your display stays fresh and exciting.

When you remove the furniture, the diorama can double up as a garage for your NECA Turtle Van. I feel that it loses a bit of its charm and detail in that setup. It's a personal choice, of course – but for me, it's definitely being used as a living space (that's if we could afford it!).

So, what's the damage to your wallet? The TMNT Sewer Lair Living Room Diorama can be yours for $299.99. But to truly maximize its potential, you need to also consider the 7” Scale Accessory Set, available for a cool $59.99. That's a hefty $359.98 before taxes for the complete set-up. Ouch!

You can preorder the diorama directly from the Neca Store along with the accessory set. Shipping is expected in December 2023.

I do wish Hobbying had a lot more sympathy for our wallets, but if you can afford it, it's an excellent piece to showcase your NECA TMNT figures! It's a chance to showcase your Turtles in style, so grab your weapons, don your bandana, and get ready to take your NECA collection to the next level!

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