ABYstyle Unveils Epic TMNT Super Figure Collection - Now Available To Preorder

Dive into ABYstyle's TMNT Super Figure Collection, now open for preorder. Secure your heroes in a half-shell today for only $49.99 each.

ABYstyle Unveils Epic TMNT Super Figure Collection - Now Available To Preorder

If you've been scouring the sewers of the collectibles world for some epic TMNT merchandise, look no further. The heroes you've been waiting for have arrived, and they're ready to kick some shell — well, metaphorically, of course.

New 1:10 Scale TMNT Figure Statues

ABYstyle’s got our backs once again with their stunning Super Figure Collection. These statues aren't just any figurines; they're meticulously crafted to capture each turtle's essence, frozen mid-leap above those iconic New York City rooftops.

You can preorder these new figure statues from Entertainment Earth for only $49.99 each.

1. Michelangelo: There's a dynamic energy to Mikey, with his nunchaku swung wide and a carefree grin that screams, "Cowabunga!" The "madman" Michelangelo figure truly encapsulates the fun-loving spirit of our favourite orange-bandana-wearing turtle.

2. Raphael: Fierceness incarnate, Raph is depicted mid-jump with sais at the ready. His intense eyes and determined expression remind us why he's the muscle of the group. You can almost hear him shouting, "Come at me, Shredder!"

3. Leonardo: The poised and level-headed leader, Leo, stands with katanas drawn, giving off an aura of authority. His stern expression and disciplined stance are a testament to his role as the backbone of the team.

4. Donatello: The tech genius strikes a pose with his trusty bo staff, ready for action. There's a hint of focus in his eyes, showcasing that sharp mind which is always thinking two steps ahead.

Each TMNT Super Figure is expected to ship in January 2024.

Why These Figurines?

So, you might wonder, "Why should I add these to my ever-growing collection?"

Well, aside from the fact that each of these figures exudes an undeniable coolness that'll make any space 10 times more radical, they offer fantastic value. Priced at a reasonable $49.99 each, these statues don't break the bank. And trust us, when you display all four turtles together to make the full diorama, it’s a sight that’ll make even Master Splinter nod in approval.

Also, there's something about having all four brothers together that takes you right back to those nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons. Remember that epic intro? "When evil Shredder attacks, these turtle boys won't cut him no slack!" You can't help but jam along.

Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Don’t hang back like a turtle in its shell; these figurines are now available for preorder on Entertainment Earth for only $49.99 each. Whether you’re looking to reminisce about the good old days or introduce a new generation to the wonders of the TMNT world, these figurines are a perfect choice.

So, my fellow TMNT aficionados, assemble your team of turtles, create your own NYC rooftop display, and let the adventures begin!

Note: No pizzas were harmed in the making of these figurines🍕

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