The Black Friday Robot Sale

The Black Friday Robot Sale

It's easy to devote shelf space to those high-end collectibles, the grails of our collection, that require that extra special space to let them shine.

In most cases, those grails just sit there, collecting well-earned dust as we gaze lovingly at them. Simple hunks of vinyl staring back at us from their plastic protector prisons. They don't really do anything.

But what if you had a freaking robot!?

Well now is your chance as Robosen, the masterminds behind a real-life Robotic Optimus Prime, have launched their Black Friday sale.

It's about time our collections had a bit of utility and action!

Optimus Prime Transformers Auto-Converting Robot

What's On Sale?

Here we will focus on the licenced limited edition collectibles, but they do also have some neat offers on their other product lineup if you want to take a look.

The USA store has some great deals with free extended warranties and discounts.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Flagship - $999 (Save $99)

Here you get the top-of-the-line Optimus Prime Flagship model, with a free 2-year extended warranty worth $99. This limited edition model is larger than life, standing at a whopping 19"!

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The world's first auto-converting Optimus Prime hit the headlines last year, with its 60 microchips, 27 servo motors joints and is fully programmable to learn new commands. It has over 80 sound effects and is voiced by Optimus Prime's original legendary voice actor, Peter Cullen.

Of course, $999 is a pretty penny to pay and it would be the crown jewel in most collections for sure. But just look at it! It would go perfectly with your Funko Transformer NFT Pops (whenever they decide to arrive!).

The other option is to go for the Optimus Prime Elite model. The only difference with this model is the size. It's now 16" tall compared to the towering 19" of the Flagship model.

Flagship Model (Left) Vs Elite Model (Right)

This also comes with a 2-year extended warranty as part of the Black Friday deal (worth $69). But thanks to its size reduction, you can also save a whopping $300 compared with the Flagship model's RRP.

Optimus Prime Elite - $699 (Save $69)

The little brother Optimus Prime, yet it's still a beast at 16" in converted mode. It's a great option if the Flagship model is a little out of your price range.

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One thing to consider if deciding between the two models is that the Flagship model also has the Optimus Prime Trailer as an additional option (although it's currently out of stock). It's expensive, retailing at $799. That's on top of the initial $999 purchase! But what you get here is the ultimate Optimus Prime Experience!

So far the elite model doesn't have a trailer option, so it's worthwhile considering if it's something you would want to add when it's back in stock.

As an added bonus, you can also win 1 of 9 Gold Edition Optimus Prime. I believe these are Elite models but painted in gold. There is also a top prize of a signed Peter Cullen Flagship model!

Any elite model purchase will qualify for an entry into the sweepstake. But because of gaming laws, you can just mail in for a free entry, so why not give it a try?

If you are in the UK, the elite model isn't available yet. There isn't a warranty deal for Optimus Prime Flagship model either, but a purchase does qualify you for a prize draw to win a gold Optimus Prime or one of five Scout K1 robots.

Buzz Lightyear

The next offer is on their upcoming licenced collector's edition. This time it's Buzz Lightyear that gets the Robosen treatment.

You can read our fully Robosen Buzz lightyear article, so I won't go into all the details here. It's every bit as impressive as Optimus Prime, with a few things learned and improved on.

It won't be out until Q2 next year, but you can lock in this Black Friday Deal now for only a $99 deposit.

Infinity Pack - $799 (Save $200)

Get $200 off the ultimate Buzz Lightyear experience. It includes everything in the Space Ranger Alpha pack, along with the XL15 Jetpack, 3 new weapons, hand poses and dog tags for you and Buzz!


Space Ranger Alpha - $699 (Save $100) 

A cool $100 saving against the Alpha RRP of $799. You get the incredible robotic Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger stand, Sox the cat and a set of interchangeable hands and faces.


The Infinity pack is without a doubt the best value here, so if you can stretch that $100 extra, then go for it. Even if the Alpha is a stretch right now, you have quite a bit of time to save with the full payment not payable until Buzz is ready to ship in Q2 2023.

That gives you plenty of time to try and save or trade out some of your collection to raise the funds. Let us know what you plan to do on Twitter.

The UK has very similar deals on Buzz, but overall you pay a little more. With the offer of £200 off the Infinity pack, that brings it down to £809. The Space Ranger Alpha pack is down to £729 with the £100 off offer.

Like the USA store, you can pay just a £99 deposit, but you also get the option to pay in full if your wallet is weighing you down.

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