WAXP Listed on crypto.com

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Craig Fulton

WAX can now be bought on the crypto exchange crypto.com.

This is another big win for the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) who were also recently listed on Binance.

Crypto.com will allow you to purchase WAX Coin direct from a credit or debit card. There is usually a 2.99% charge for this service, but the fee is waived for new accounts for the first 30 days. Nice!

That's an incredibly simple way to buy WAX and continues the trend of making WAXP more accessible.

The other good news is that Crypto.com is available for US customers, with the app available to 49 states.

Note - You can buy WAXP, but withdrawals aren't quite ready yet. This means you can't send WAXP from crypto.com to your WAX Cloud Wallet. We will let you know as soon as WAXP withdrawals are live.

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