The Ultimate Collector's Guide to Jakks Super Mario Figures

Everything you need to know about Jakks Super Mario Figures for the blockbuster hit, Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Ultimate Guide To Jakks Super Mario Figures

In celebration of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, renowned toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific launched a new range of Super Mario figures and playsets. Jakks Pacific continually expands the Super Mario Figures lineup, offering a multitude of exciting characters and settings for fans to collect. So, get ready for your ultimate guide to collecting them all!

Super Mario 1.25" Mini Figures

Wave 1

Each charming figure, meticulously crafted at a petite 1.25", is a perfect collectible item for any Super Mario Bros. enthusiast. For wave 1, the 1.25" Super Mario figures launched with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Kamek, and Koopa Paratroopa.

Each figure comes with a question block that opens to reveal a scene from The Mushroom Kingdom! This backdrop offers a cool display element for your Super Mario figures.

Character Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Mario $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Luigi $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Peach $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Toad $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Kamek $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Koopa Paratroopa $5.99/£7.00 Buy Now As Bundle (USA) Buy Now (UK)

Wave 2

Wave 2 expanded on the original 1.25" Super Mario figures introducing Goomba, General Koopa, Tanooki Mario, Dry Bones, Shy Guy and Cat Mario.

Character Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Goomba $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
General Koopa $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Tanooki Mario $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Dry Bones $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Shy Guy $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Cat Mario $5.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)

Super Mario 5" Mini Figures

Wave 1

The 5" Super Mario figures are each accompanied by a unique accessory! Wave 1 includes some of your favourite characters: Mario, equipped with his trusty plunger; Luigi, bearing a handy flashlight; Peach, with a stylish umbrella; and Toad, armed with a frying pan.

These larger 5" figures, designed with keen attention to detail, are perfect for both play and display. Each 5" Super Mario Figure has 16 points of articulation and realistic acrylic eyes.

Character Accessory Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Toad Frying pan $19.99/£24.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Peach Umbrella $19.99/£24.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Luigi Flashlight $19.99/£24.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Mario Plunger $19.99/£24.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)

Wave 2

Wave two introduced an exciting selection of new Super Mario figure characters. We saw Tanooki Mario paired with the Super Leaf, Cat Mario equipped with a Question Block, and Kamek with his signature Wand. Not to mention Peach, styled in her motorcycle outfit and accompanied by a Winged Shell. This wave further diversified the delightful world of the 5" Super Mario Figures.

Character Accessory Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Tanooki Mario Super Leaf $19.99/£24.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Motorcycle Peach Winged Shell $19.99/£24.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Kamek Wand $19.99/£24.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Cat Mario Question Block $19.99/£24.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)

Super Mario 7" Figures

Wave 1

The 7" Super Mario figure was headlined by none other than the iconic villain, Bowser! This extraordinary figure reimagines Bowser with premium detail, true to his appearance in the movie.

Standing tall at 7”, Bowser is designed with an impressive 15 points of articulation for dynamic posing. But the real showstopper is his unique 'fire breathing' effect*. Simply fill the reservoir on the back of Bowser's hair with water using the included dropper, press the side spike, and behold as illuminated atomised vapour shoots from his mouth, simulating Bowser's infamous fire breath!

Packaged in a premium window box, this figure is a perfect addition to any collector's display.  

*Requires water and 3x AAA batteries (not included) to activate the 'fire breathing' feature.

Character Feature Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Bowser Fire Breathing Effect $29.99/£34.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)

Super Mario Playset 1.25"

Wave 1

Two playsets were released for wave 1 of the 1.25" Super Mario figures set. First, step into the iconic Mushroom Kingdom Castle. This fully-enclosed playset opens to nearly 22” wide, inviting you to recreate the thrilling training ground scene from the film. Complete with blocks, a piranha plant, Bullet Bill, a fire stick and more, it also includes mini 1.25” Mario and Peach figures. Unfortunately, these figures are the same as the individual wave 1 1.25" Super Mario figures.

The other playset released was the Plumbing Van, featuring rolling wheels for vehicle play and a mini 1.25” Mario figure (again, the same Mario figure that can be bought individually, or found in the Mushroom Kingdom Castle playset), it opens to reveal a movie moment where the brothers traverse from the Brooklyn sewers to the Warp Zone universe. The green pipe, magical warp zone, and multiple warp tubes offer endless imaginative play possibilities.

Playset Inc Figure Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Plumbing Van Mario $19.99/£24.99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)
Mushroom Kingdom Castle Mario & Peach $29.99/£34/99 Buy Now (USA) Buy Now (UK)

Wave 2

Wave 2 has fixed the main gripe with wave 1 playsets, by adding two new exclusive figures - Donkey Kong and Bowser. Both fit perfectly with their themed playsets, Donkey Kong Stadium and Bowser's Island Castle, and are great additions to the Super Mario Figures lineup.

Playset Inc Figure Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Donkey Kong Stadium Exclusive Donkey Kong $29.99 Buy Now Buy Now
Bowser's Island Castle Exclusive Bowser $19.99 Buy Now Buy Now

2.5 "Super Mario Pull Back Racers

Experience the thrill of racing with these fantastic Pull Back Racers. Each comes with a removable 2.5" Super Mario figure, boasting 5 points of articulation. Inspired by the iconic Mario Kart from the film, these racers are designed for effortless, exhilarating fun. Just pull them back and watch as they zoom off!

Wave 1

Character Price Buy Link (USA) Buy Link (UK)
Koopa Trooper $14.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Toad $14.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Peach $14.99 Check Availability (USA) Check Availability (UK)
Mario $14.99 Buy Now (USA) Check Availability (UK)

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