The New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Black Series Starkiller Figure Set

Catch Hasbro's exclusive Star Wars Figure Set at Pulse Con 2023, featuring Starkiller and Stormtroopers from The Force Unleashed.

The New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Black Series Starkiller Figure Set

Hasbro announced an exciting release for attendees of the forthcoming Hasbro Pulse Con 2023: an exclusive Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Black Series Starkiller Figure Set.

Drawing inspiration from the wildly successful video game, this exclusive 3-figure set pays tribute to the powerful Starkiller and his nemesis Stormtroopers. Displaying exceptional detailing, the set features three premium 6-inch figures—Starkiller, the Sith protégé turned proto-Rebel, along with two Stormtroopers who tangle with him.

This exclusive set comes with an impressive collection of 16 accessories that includes Starkiller's iconic Force Lightning hands, blaster bolt accessories, and various other Force effects. Priced at $110.99, the set promises to be a must-have addition to any collector's cache.

Starkiller captured fans' hearts with his captivating transformation from Darth Vader's apprentice to an ally of the Rebellion in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Since then, he's held a special place in the Star Wars universe, despite primarily existing within the confines of Star Wars Legends.

Details about the official sale of the Black Series Figure Set will be disclosed at the San Diego Comic-Con along with an early viewing of the figure set, with the set scheduled to debut at the Hasbro Pulse Con later this fall.

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